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Placement tests (mathematics, chemistry, English as a Second Language, and world languages) are administered by the IUPUI Testing Center. Students are responsible for completing their placement tests online prior to the Student Orientation Program.
Each placement test will take approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete. (For more information on placement testing, see the IUPUI Testing Center Web site at tc.iupui.edu.) Students obtain their placement test results from their academic advisors at the orientation program. If students have not taken the placement tests or their results are not available, they may be limited to a restricted list of courses that do not require placement tests.

All beginning undergraduate students whose programs require mathematics are required to take placement tests in mathematics before enrolling for the first semester at IUPUI. The placement test results indicate the students' level of preparedness and the proper or recommended course placement for mathematics. Mathematics placement scores are good for one year from the test date.

Students who have not yet successfully completed one college-level English composition course (ENG W131) are required by the Department of English to reflect on their writing experiences using structured materials before attending orientation. This guided self-placement (GSP) process offers students a structured opportunity to participate in selecting an appropriate writing course. For more information on the guided self-placement process for English writing courses, visit the website for the Writing Program (http://english.uc.iupui.edu).

Students who have successfully completed college-level work in English (with a grade of C or above in ENG W131 within the last two years) and mathematics (with a grade of C or above in MATH 11000 or equivalent courses within the last two years) are exempt from the guided self-placement process and taking math placement tests. Students may call the Office of Orientation Services at (317) 274-4240 to determine whether they are exempt from any or all of the placement tests.

Placement tests for world languages (French, German, and Spanish) and chemistry are also available online. Students who plan to take these subjects in their first semester should complete these tests prior to orientation.

Completing your placement tests to the best of your ability is important. To begin taking placement tests online, visit https://tc.iupui.edu/take-test/iupui-placement-test/index.html.