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Completion of Degree Requirements

When students contact the recorder about graduation, they should double-check that they in fact will have completed graduation requirements. Schools have different tools available for degree check including academic advising reports and degree maps.   Some schools perform degree audits either when students file for graduation or at the beginning of their senior year.  Students should go over requirements and audits with their advisors to make sure they are on track to graduate  and contact the school recorder with questions. Common mistakes that result in students’ failure to graduate are unacceptable grades,  not registering for required  courses, dropping courses, or otherwise failing to complete required courses. Students may graduate with incompletes on their record, provided they are not for required courses. Campus residency requirements stipulating that a certain number of hours must be completed at this campus before graduating also affect graduation eligibility.

Required Grade Point Average

In addition to completing all the required course work, students must have a specific overall grade point average and a specific GPA in their major to graduate. Most schools also require grades of C or higher in major courses. Students should familiarize themselves with the policies of their program.

Applying for Graduation

Candidates for graduation must apply to graduate with the recorder of their school at least one year prior to their expected graduation date. Details concerning the application deadlines of specific schools and any additional requirements related to graduation are available from the school recorder or the school sections of this bulletin.

Last Updated: May, 2014.