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School Awards and Scholarships

Dean’s Honor List Students in the School of Physical Education and Tourism Management are recognized for outstanding academic achievement by having their names placed on the Dean’s List. This award goes to all full-time students who have achieved a semester GPA of 3.5 or higher.

Phillip K. Hardwick Scholarship Available to both current and incoming PETM students who are committed to community service and have a 2.5+ GPA.

P. Nicholas Kellum Scholarship This scholarship is awarded to a top junior in each academic department.

School of Physical Education and Tourism Management Faculty and Staff Freshman Scholarship Established by faculty gifts, this scholarship recognizes an outstanding entering freshman.

Swinford Camp Brosius Scholarship Eligible students must be full-time with a minimum 2.5 GPA.  Students should be enrolled for summer classes at Camp Brosius within their department.  Students also must provide financial need and proof of summer employment (30+ hours per week).

Department of Kinesiology Awards and Scholarships

Athenaeum Turners Scholarship The Athenaeum Turners of Indianapolis established this scholarship to honor a physical education major who demonstrates academic excellence and professional promise. The School of Physical Education and Tourism Management was located at the Indianapolis Athenaeum from 1907 to 1970.

Frank and Loretta Feigl Scholarship Two $1,000 Frank and Loretta Feigl Scholarships are available for incoming freshman students who intend to study physical education teacher education (renewable annually through graduation).

The Clara L. Hester Scholarship This coveted award is presented in the name of the past director of the Normal College of the American Gymnastic Union. Clara Hester served the school for 44 years; the award was established in 1978 to honor her. It is given to a full-time student majoring in physical education/teacher education who has completed 50 hours towards their degree by the end of their junior year. The recipient must have a 3.4 GPA in their major coursework.

Peg Hope Scholarship This scholarship is awarded to a kinesiology student with a GPA of 3.0 or higher who demonstrates financial need and who has worked to defray the cost of his or her education.

The Lola L. Lohse Scholarship This scholarship is presented to a kinesiology student with a 3.0+ GPA. The basis for the selection consists of involvement in service learning programs such as PARCS or the Adapted Physical Activity Clinics.

Rudolph Memmel Scholarship This scholarship is presented to a physical education teacher education major who is a working student that has financial need as determined by FASFA.

Physical Education Teacher Education Scholarship This scholarship is presented to an undergraduate student pursuing teacher education who is preparing to enter the student teaching aspect of their education.  Selection criteria include excellence of academic record (3.0+ GPA) and the beginning of student teaching within the next academic year.

Anna A. Schmook Scholarship Awarded to an incoming freshman who intends to study kinesiology as a major and live in the PETM Housing Community.

Rudy Schreiber Scholarship Awarded to a kinesiology student who demonstrates academic excellence (3.0+ GPA) and commitment to the profession.

Dr. Carl B. Sputh Memorial Scholarship These memorial scholarships are presented to outstanding physical education teacher education majors enrolled full-time in the Department of Kinesiology. The candidates are selected by basis of scholastic achievement, character, need, and professional promise in the teaching of kinesiology.

The William A. Stecher Honor Award An outstanding graduating senior from the Department of Kinesiology is recognized annually at the Commencement reception with this award. The candidate is selected by the faculty on the basis of scholarship, level of performance in physical activities, professional attitude, character, leadership, and service.

Dr. Hitwant Sidhu Scholarship This scholarship honors an undergraduate physical education teacher education major with a GPA of 2.5 or higher who participates in voluntary service to the community, profession, education, or the university.  International students given preference.

Jeff and Sue Vessely Scholarship This scholarship is awarded to an incoming freshman kinesiology major with an outstanding high school academic performance record (2.5+ GPA).

Dr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Sue Vessely Kinesiology Student Emergency Scholarship Awarded to a kinesiology student in good academic standing that is dealing with an unexpected financial hardship due to catastrophic circumstances.

Anna V. Wessel Memorial Scholarship The Anna V. Wessel Memorial Scholarship awards one incoming freshman female student with $10,000 for tuition and books. Qualified applicants participate in sports via youth, church, or school leagues.

Department of Tourism, Conventions and Event Management (TCEM) Awards and Scholarships

American Hotel and Lodging Educational Foundation Scholarship These scholarships are awarded to students who have demonstrated potential for leadership in hospitality management, have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0, and have financial need.

Jim Bennett Scholarship Ivy Tech Community College student pursing a BS in Tourism, Conventions and Event Management as part of the TCEM 2+2 Agreement.

Raymond A. Dault Care, Pride and Skill Scholarship In recognition of Raymond Dault’s leadership of the TCEM department and his devotion to students, two annual awards are given. One recipient is the freshman student who has earned the highest GPA. The second recipient is the student with the highest GPA on completion of the associate degree.

Bill Day Outstanding Tourism Scholarship and Award The scholarship recognizes a junior for academic achievement, extracurricular participation, and leadership potential. The award recognizes the graduating senior with the highest GPA.

Donald Durbin Memorial Scholarship Honors the memory of Donald Durbin, Indianapolis hotelier, by recognizing contributions.  Awarded to a TCEM student planning a career in the hospitality industry.

Efroymson Study Abroad Cruise Line Management - TCEM student who is 21+ years old, 3.0+GPA and completed TCEM-G100.  Germany Semester Abroad - Have 3.0+ GPA and must have completed TCEM-G100 or TCEM-T107.

5: Solutions Awarded to a Sports Management major who participates in community engagement and field experience (2.75+ GPA).

Bo L. Hagood Scholarship The scholarship recipient must be an incoming TCEM major (or current freshman or sophomore) with a high school GPA of 3.25+ working in the hotel, tourism, or other hospitality industry.

Bill and Joan McGowan Scholarship Recognizes TCEM students with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher who currently work or has worked in the tourism or hospitality events industry in the greater Indianapolis area.

Bill and Joan McGowan Super Service Scholarship 3.0+GPA and work experience in greater Indianapolis area.  Is employer nominated.

Per Moller Scholarship This scholarship is awarded to a full-time student who has maintained a GPA of 3.0 or higher and is currently employed in the hospitality industry.  Priority consideration to applicants who have or are working/volunteering with IUPUI's Event and Conferences Services or Campus Center Events Services.

Max M. Shapiro Restaurant Excellence Scholarship This scholarship recognizes an outstanding student and leader. Selection criteria include work experience in the food-service industry and commitment to the department and student organizations.

Elias and Fofo Stergiopoulos Scholarship This scholarship award goes to a full-time student in good academic standing (3.0+ GPA) who is currently employed in the hospitality industry and is committed to community service.  Must have completed 15 TCEM hours.

TCEM Puerto Rico Experience Scholarship Awarded to a TCEM student who has a 3.0+ GPA.

TCEM Study Abroad Scholarship Germany 3-week experience Awarded to a TCEM student who has a 3.0+ GPA and has completed TCEM-G100 or TCEM-T107.

Wilma Wohler Memorial Scholarship Awarded to a student majoring in TCEM who has learned through their travel experiences (Junior or senior status with 3.0+ GPA).

Department of Military Science Awards and Scholarships

George K. Blackburn Jr., American Legion Post 374 and Beverly J. Williams, American Legion Post 374 Receipients are active in Military Science/ROTC program who study math, science, technology or medicine (3.0+ GPA).