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Advising Services
The IU School of Liberal Arts provides advising services to assist students in planning their program of study. Students who have not yet chosen a major area of study are counseled through the IU School of Liberal Arts Miriam Z. Langsam Office of Student Affairs, in Cavanaugh Hall 401, (317) 274-3976. Students who have chosen a major are assigned a departmental faculty advisor and should make an appointment with that advisor before each registration period in order to discuss long-term goals as well as specific course work for the upcoming semester. Consulting with their advisor is a semester-by-semester obligation of students to ensure ongoing progress toward a degree.

Students, however, not their advisors, are responsible for their programs. Whenever possible, students should avail themselves of the online "advisement report" available through the "OneStart" webpage. They should familiarize themselves with the general requirements for a Liberal Arts degree as well as with those of the department in which they plan to major. Students are urged to complete most, if not all, of their general education requirements during the freshman and sophomore years.

In planning a program, students should refer to both the Schedule of Classes and this bulletin. Special attention should be paid to course descriptions and prerequisites. This bulletin identifies prerequisites with a ‘‘P,'' co-requisites with a ‘‘C,'' and recommended courses with an ‘‘R.'' Students should not enroll in courses for which they do not have the prerequisites. Instructors may require a student to drop a class if the student has not fulfilled the prerequisites.