School-Level Awards and Scholarships

Margaret A. Cook Foreign Study Award Each year an award will be made to one or more undergraduate students majoring or minoring in the liberal arts at IUPUI to assist in participating in a language based study-abroad program approved by Indiana University. Priority will be given to junior or senior students majoring or minoring in a modern foreign language. Selection will be based on cumulative grade point average, language ability, and the applicants' plans for continued study of foreign languages. The award has been established in honor of Professor Margaret A. Cook, who helped establish the first foreign language programs at IUPUI and who devoted her life to improving our understanding of foreign cultures.

Mary F. Crisler Scholarship These $3,000 scholarships encourage collaboration between IU School of Liberal Arts faculty and students on academic research or scholarship. The purpose is to provide opportunities for students to gain research experience while an undergraduate and thereby strengthen the community of scholarship. Eligible students must have at least a 3.5 GPA in their major. Up to five Crisler Scholarships are awarded annually.

The James R. East Scholarship This scholarship will be awarded annually to an alumnus or alumna of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Indianapolis.

Faculty Medal for Academic Distinction This award is presented to a graduating senior who, in the judgment of the Faculty Affairs Committee of the IU School of Liberal Arts faculty, is clearly outstanding in scholastic achievement, interdisciplinary interests, and extracurricular activities.

Thomas E. Grossman, Jr. Scholarship Funded by the family of Thomas E. Grossman, Jr. to recognize the efforts of adult returning students enrolled in a degree program in the IU School of Liberal Arts who demonstrates financial need and academic achievement.  Full- or part-time students may be considered.

Audrey Harshbarger Study Abroad Scholarship  Created to honor the memory of Audrey Harshbarger, Jean Oswalt's grandmother, whose belief and faith in young people and commitment to their learning through experience has inspired many, to further Indiana University's mission, and to encourage others to give to Indiana University. This award seeks to support students who study abroad for a semester or academic year because that experience develops a person's understanding of our place in a global society, and the donors believe that this experience is integral to a person's education.

Sidney W. Houston Memorial Scholarship An annual scholarship is awarded in honor of Professor Sidney W. Houston, who served from 1963 to 1975 in the Departments of English in the Indianapolis regional campuses of both Purdue University and Indiana University. The recipient shall be an outstanding student in the language and literature departments of the IU School of Liberal Arts. The recipient must have completed at least 56 credit hours, but no more than 90, with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.5 and must be considered a person of moral responsibility and high professional potential.

Christian J. W. Kloesel Educational Travel Fund This scholarship honors the memory of English Professor Emeritus Christian J. W. Kloesel.  Created by Mrs. Kelly Kloesel together with colleagues, family and friends, it provides educational travel support to undergraduates and graduate students majoring in the IU School of Liberal Arts who have records of academic excellence.

Liberal Arts Dean's Scholarship  These scholarships are made possible through private contributions that are matched by the dean. Recipients must be juniors and seniors with outstanding academic achievement, an expressed understanding of the value of a liberal arts education, an intention to continue their studies, and an ability to represent the IU School of Liberal Arts in the community.

Liberal Arts Dean's Fellows Study Abroad Scholarship  This scholarship promotes and encourages international experiences for IU School of Liberal Arts majors. It is inspired by the generosity of the Liberal Arts Dean's Council Fellows.

Liberal Arts Staff Scholarship Faculty and staff contributions support the educational goals of Liberal Arts staff through this scholarship. Recipients must be full-time staff members of the School of Liberal Arts for at least one full year and must be pursuing courses at IUPUI toward an undergraduate degree, certificate, or a graduate degree.

Loretta Lunsford Scholarship  Scholarships of $3,000 will be awarded to students who have declared majors in the IU School of Liberal Arts with a minimum GPA of 3.4. Preference will be given to candidates with an interest in educating others and with a willingness to volunteer five hours a week in any kind of educational organization or institution on a project mentored by a liberal arts faculty.  Ten or more scholarships may be awarded annually.

Sam Masarachia Scholars Program Award These full-tuition and fees scholarships are presented to full-time IU School of Liberal Arts undergraduate students interested in working in the fields of labor, senior citizens, or community organizations. This program is made possible through the generosity of Sam Masarachia, a representative for the Steelworkers Union in Indiana and an effective advocate for the fields studied in this program.

IU School of Liberal Arts McNair Scholarship This scholarship supports Liberal Arts majors who are participants in the IUPUI McNair Scholars Program - a federally funded undergraduate research program for students from underrepresented groups who intend to pursue graduate and doctoral degrees.

Olaniyan Scholars Program  The Olaniyan Scholars Program promotes the development of undergraduate research and professional experience through Africana Studies. Scholars enter into a highly structured course of study focusing on the lives, history, traditions, interests, and communities of people of African descent. Scholars will conduct research, enroll in specially designed academic courses, and participate in community internship learning opportunities, expanding their studies beyond the boundaries of the classroom. The program provides an award equivalent to instate tuition and a stipend. It is renewable for up to four years.

Rebecca E. Pitts Scholarship This scholarship is awarded annually to one or more students majoring in the liberal arts at IUPUI who have completed at least 90 credit hours and who plan to seek a graduate degree in a liberal arts discipline. The scholarship is intended to assist an outstanding student in attaining an extraordinary educational experience that will enhance her or his opportunity for advanced study. Applicants must propose uses for the scholarship and describe how the opportunity would make a difference in their education. The scholarship has been established in honor of Professor Rebecca E. Pitts, whose lifelong study of literature instilled in many students a desire for learning at the highest levels of excellence.

Gail M. and William M. Plater International Scholarship for Civic Engagement  Established by Chancellor Emeritus Gerald Bepko and his wife, Jean, this scholarship supports the connection of academic work and learning with community engagement. Recipients work with faculty on projects that have a community partnership component.

Frances Dodson Rhome Scholarship This scholarship goes to support a student excelling in Women's Studies or English. It was established through gifts honoring Professor Frances Dodson Rhome, who taught English and classical studies for many years.

Barbara White Thoreson Scholarship  This scholarship supports Liberal Arts students who are pursuing futures in teaching. It is given in honor of the memory of Barbara White Thoreson, whose devotion to teaching and to the students she taught inspired a love of learning in those who knew her.

Zora Neale Hurston-Mari Evans Scholarship  Created in honor of Zora Neale Hurston and Mari Evans, this scholarship encourages the study of subjects that transcend gender, race, age, culture, and economic status. It is designed to support students whose creativity, academic achievements, and goals reflect the issues articulated in the works of these two prominent American literary figures.

IU School of Liberal Arts Dean's List - Liberal Arts undergraduate students with high academic achievement are recognized each semester through the Dean's List.  Full-time undergradate students enrolled in and completing 12 or more credit hours for the semester must earn a semester GPA of at least 3.3.  Part-time undergraduate students enrolled in and completing 6-11.5 credit hours must earn a semester GPA of at least 3.4. Students must be officially registered as Liberal Arts majors to be eligible.

Graduation with Distinction - Liberal Arts undergraduate students with outstanding academic achievement are recognized by IUPUI at graduation by the designations of Distinction, High Distinction and Highest Distinction.  These recognitions are bestowed on the top 10% of each graduating class.  For eligibility requirements, refer to the "Graduation with Distinction" section under "General Information" in the IUPUI Bulletin and to additional guidelines on the IUPUI and IU School of Liberal Arts websites.