Undergraduate Programs

First-Year Foundation Program

The Foundation Program serves as a base for future work at Herron. In the Foundation Program, students develop drawing skills, powers of observation, an understanding of visual principles, and a working knowledge of materials and techniques, while becoming more knowledgeable about art history. The program is constructed so that students, through self-examination and faculty counseling, will be able to select intelligently the area in which they will major when the Foundation Program has been completed. Much of the success of Herron programs has been due to the comprehensive strength of the Foundation Program and the basic preparation that it provides.

The Foundation Program, or its equivalent in previously earned credit (as determined by the Admissions Committee), is a prerequisite for work in the fine arts and education degree programs.

Foundation Program Curriculum
Semester I Credits
HER-D 101 Drawing I 3
HER-F 121 Two-Dimensional Design 3
HER-F 123 Three-Dimensional Design 3
HER-H 101 History of Art I 3
HER-X 101 Foundation Resources Workshop 1
ENG-W 131 Elementary Composition I 3
Semester II
HER-D 102 Drawing II 3
HER-F 100 Creative Processes 3
HER-F 122 Color Concepts 3
HER-H 102 History of Art II 3
HER-X 102 Foundation Capstone 1
ENG-L 115 or ENG-L 105 Literature for Today or Appreciation of Literature 3
Total credit hours 32