Graduate & Professional Program Overview

IUPUI Graduate Office

The IUPUI Graduate Office is the administrative center for graduate and graduate/professional programs on the Indianapolis campus. Although no graduate degrees are granted by IUPUI itself, more than 8,000 students pursue one of the 165 graduate-level certificates and degrees offered on the IUPUI campus by the Indiana University Graduate School, the Purdue University Graduate School, and individual schools at IUPUI. The director of the graduate office serves as dean of students for all IUPUI post baccalaureate students in collaboration with the IUPUI dean of students. In addition to the director, the Graduate Office has an assistant director, an assistant dean, a graduate non-degree coordinator, a curriculum coordinator, and other support staff.

As the locus of graduate administrative activity, the IUPUI Graduate Office processes applications and GRE scores for all graduate and professional programs and receives theses and dissertations for the graduate schools of both IU and PU. The office provides staff support for all graduate administrative committees, sponsors student organizations (e.g., the Graduate Student Organization), counsels post baccalaureate and prospective students, conducts workshops, and organizes Graduate School commencement activities. The IUPUI Graduate Office also connects IUPUI to a wider graduate community through organizations such as the Council of Graduate Schools (CGS), the Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC), and the Midwest Association of Graduate Schools (MAGS). Perhaps most importantly, the IUPUI Graduate Office is the answer center for a wide range of questions pertaining to graduate study, graduate programs, and graduate student life. In addition, the IUPUI Graduate Office supports other offices, such as the Enrollment Center and the Community Learning Network, in providing information and documents for general inquiries. The staff of the IUPUI Graduate Office under the primary direction of the assistant dean also recruit for campus graduate programs.