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Administration of Graduate Programs at IUPUI

Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI), a comprehensive campus made up of 19 Indiana University and Purdue University schools, is a dynamic place where new degree initiatives are fostered. Involvement with society at large, and the community in particular, is a hallmark of this campus, which changes the flavor of new degree programs.

Thus, students will find innovative programs in music technology, philanthropy, public history, and visual arts, as well as developing programs in informatics, visual communications, and music therapy. These new and developing programs enrich the solid foundation of traditional graduate programs available at IUPUI. Please see our Web site,, for a complete listing of the graduate degree programs at IUPUI.

There are three types of postbaccalaureate programs at IUPUI: (1) programs leading to graduate degrees and certificates, administered by Indiana University Graduate School; (2) programs leading to graduate degrees and certificates, administered by Purdue University Graduate School; and (3) other programs that are administered mainly by individual schools such as the Schools of Medicine, Dentistry, Law, Public and Environmental Affairs, Education, Library and Information Science, Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, Music, Nursing, Informatics; the Kelley School of Business; and the Herron School of Art and Design. For information about applying to one of the degree programs within these schools, please contact the school or department offering the degree.

IUPUI Graduate Office

The IUPUI Graduate Office is the administrative center for graduate and graduate/professional programs on the Indianapolis campus. Although no graduate degrees are granted by IUPUI itself, more than 8,000 students pursue one of the 165 graduate-level certificates and degrees offered on the IUPUI campus by the Indiana University Graduate School, the Purdue University Graduate School, and individual schools at IUPUI. The director of the graduate office serves as dean of students for all IUPUI postbaccalaureate students in collaboration with the IUPUI dean of students. In addition to the director, the Graduate Office has an assistant director, an assistant dean, a graduate non-degree coordinator, a curriculum coordinator, and other support staff.

As the locus of graduate administrative activity, the IUPUI Graduate Office processes applications and GRE scores for all graduate and professional programs and receives theses and dissertations for the graduate schools of both IU and PU. The office provides staff support for all graduate administrative committees, sponsors student organizations (e.g., the Graduate Student Organization), counsels post baccalaureate and prospective students, conducts workshops, and organizes Graduate School commencement activities. The IUPUI Graduate Office also connects IUPUI to a wider graduate community through organizations such as the Council of Graduate Schools (CGS), the Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC), and the Midwest Association of Graduate Schools (MAGS).

Perhaps most importantly, the IUPUI Graduate Office is the answer center for a wide range of questions pertaining to graduate study, graduate programs, and graduate student life. In addition, the IUPUI Graduate Office supports other offices, such as the Enrollment Center and the Community Learning Network, in providing information and documents for general inquiries. Staff of the IUPUI Graduate Office, under the primary direction of the assistant dean, also recruit for campus graduate programs.

IUPUI Graduate Affairs Committee

The Graduate Affairs Committee at IUPUI is charged with overseeing the development of new programs, quality control, recruitment, and other issues related to graduate education on the campus. Membership of this committee includes the graduate deans or their designees from both Indiana University and Purdue University as well as deans, associate deans, the president of the Graduate Student Organization, and faculty from all of the schools with postbaccalaureate programs on the IUPUI campus.

New initiatives and directions are discussed, and appropriate issues are shared with the respective schools for further development and comment. New program proposals are reviewed and approved by the Graduate Affairs Committee. The Curriculum Subcommittee, which is appointed by the Indiana University Graduate School associate dean, has the  responsibility of reviewing all new course or course change requests before they are submitted for campus and university wide remonstrance, and for providing recommendations to the Graduate Affairs Committee.

Approved program proposals are referred to either the IU Academic Leadership Council or to the Purdue Graduate School for final action before going to the Indiana Commission for Higher Education, as necessary. The Fellowship Subcommittee reviews nominations and selects the recipients of graduate fellowships, as well as distributing merit-based block grants to the schools for the support of graduate education.

The following pages outline general regulations for graduate and professional programs on the IUPUI campus. For specific information about the admissions process, degree requirements, or prerequisites, please contact the school or department offering the degree.

Contact information for the IUPUI Graduate Office:
Union Building 207
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Phone: (317) 274-1577
Fax: (317) 278-2380

Last Updated: March 2010