Undergraduate Programs

Culture Studies

Students must observe the following guidelines in fulfilling the culture studies requirement:

  • Students are required to complete two approved courses for the culture studies requirement.
  • Students must complete one of the two courses from list A.
  • Students must complete another course from list C. See the appendix section “Indianapolis Course Lists—Approved Culture Studies Courses by Departments” in this bulletin.
  • Students who successfully complete an academic year abroad in a program sponsored by the Indiana University Office of Overseas Study will partially satisfy the culture studies requirement of one course from List A and a second course from List A. Students participating in academic year-long programs sponsored by other universities may petition for a similar exception, providing materials from courses taken and evidence of the general cultural emphasis of the program.
Approved Culture Studies Courses
American Studies
  • A303 Islam in America
  • A460 Native American Film
  • A485 Aboriginal Australia
  • E300 Culture Areas and Ethnic Groups:“Modern Greek Society”, “People and Cultures of Southeast Asia”
  • E310 Introduction to the Cultures of Africa
  • E320 Indians of North America
  • E326 Modern Greece
  • E356 Cultures of the Pacific
Classical Studies
  • C205 Classical Mythology
  • C310 Classical Drama
  • C351 The Golden Age of Athens
  • C361 The Golden Age of Rome
  • C414 Art and Archaeology of Rome
East Asian Language and Culture
  • E231 Japan:   The Living Tradition
  • E351 Japan through Film and Fiction
English Literature
  • L245 Intro to Caribbean Literature
  • L379 American Ethinic and Minority Literature
  • F360 Indiana Folklore/Folklife/Folk Music
  • F364 Children’s Folklore/Folklife/Folk Music
  • J300 Lectrs et Analyses Litteraires
  • G321 Geography of Europe
  • G322 Geography of the Soviet Union
  • G323 Geography of Latin America
  • G324 Geography of Caribbean
  • G390 Geography of Italy
  • G390 Geography of Cuba
  • G424 Geography of Africa
  • B309 Britain Before 1688
  • B340 Ireland and Its People
  • B341 History of Spain and Portugal
  • B351 Barbarian Europe, 200–1000
  • B352 The Age of Chivalry, 1000–1500
  • B353 The Renaissance
  • B354 The Reformation
  • B356 French Revolution and Napoleon
  • C388 Roman History
  • C395 The Ancient Near East and Greece
  • D313 Russian Social and Cultural History
  • D314 Soviet Social and Cultural History
  • E432 History of Africa II
  • G367-368 History of Japan I-II
  • H205 Ancient Civilization
  • Z320 American Popular and Urban Music
  • P210 Classical Philosophy
  • P418 Philosophical Taoism
Political Science
  • Y333 Chinese Politics
  • Y335 West European Politics
  • Y336 Southeast Asian Politics
  • Y337 Latin American Politics
  • Y338 African Politics
  • Y339 Middle Eastern Politics
  • Y369 Introduction to East Asian Politics
Religious Studies
  • R310 Prophecy in Ancient Israel
  • R352 Religion and Literature in Asia
  • R361 Hinduism and Buddhism
  • R370 Islam in America
Art (Herron)
  • H302 Beginnings of Twentieth-Century Art, 1886-1919
  • H304 Romain Influence after Fall of Empire
  • H304 Northern Renaissance Art
  • H326 Romanesque and Gothic Art
  • H400 Caribbeanness of Caribbean Art
  • H400 Art and Archeology of the Aegean
  • H418 Myth and Reality in Greek Art
  • F312 European Folklore/Folklife/Folk Music
  • F363 Women Folklore/Folklife/Folk Music
  • F452 La civilisation et littérature québecoise
  • F453-F454 Littérature contemporaine I-II
  • G265 German Culture in English Translation
  • G365 Deutsche Kultur Heute
  • G370 German Cinema
  • B357 Modern France
  • B359-B360 Europe from Napoleon to the First World War I-II
  • B393 German History: From Bismarck to Hitler
  • B421 Holocaust in History Context
  • H209-H210 English History: General Course I-II
  • G451 The Far East
Political Science
  • Y335 Western European Politics
  • S360 Introduction to Hispanic Literature
  • S363 Intro a La Culture Hispanica
  • S411 Spain: The Cultural Context
  • S472 Spanish American Literature
Afro-American Studies
  • A150 Survey of the Culture of Black Americans
  • A255 The Black Church in America
  • A303 Sport, Culture, and African-Americans
  • A303 Political Econ-Minority Entrep
  • A352 Afro-American Art II: Afro-American Artists
  • E336 African American Culture
  • E402 Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective
  • E403 Women of Color in the U.S.
  • L208 Native American Literature
  • L370 Recent Black American Writing
  • L379 American Ethnic and Minority Literature
  • L406 The Harlem Renaissance
  • L406 Traditions in African-American Literature
  • F245 Chicano Folklore
  • F394 Afro-American Folklore
  • A364 History of Black Americans
  • M394 Black Music in America
  • Z320 Music of Jimi Hendrix
  • Z320 History of Jazz since 1950
  • R100 Native American Religion