Academic Policies & Procedures

Absences from Final Examinations

Students are required to adhere to the policies regarding final examinations as published in the Schedule of Classes.

Absences from Scheduled Classes

Illness is usually the only acceptable excuse for absence from class. Other absences must be explained to the satisfaction of the instructor, who will decide whether omitted work may be made up.

Addition of Courses

No course may be added by an undergraduate student after the first week of a semester or a summer session unless the instructor of the course approves and the request is approved by both the chairperson of the department in which the course is offered and the dean.

Change of Grade

Requests for a change of grade must be made no later than the last day of classes of the next regular semester.

Confidentiality of Records

Indiana University, in compliance with the General Education Provisions Act, Section 438, titled Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, and the university's Policy on Access to Institutional Data, provides that all student records are confidential and available only to eligible employees of the university for use in the conduct of university business (as determined by data stewards), the student, and the parents, if the student is under 21 and dependent as defined by IRS standards. Students may review their records upon request and may ask for deletions or corrections of the record in a hearing process described in detail in the Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct, distributed at fall registration or available in Bloomington at the Office of Student Ethics, Assistant Dean of Students Annex, or the School of Journalism office, IT 557, Indianapolis.

References, recommendations, and other similar documents may carry a voluntary waiver relinquishing the student's right to review this specific material. The student may also release the record to others by signing a written release available in the offices that maintain records. Further details regarding the provisions of the Privacy Act and a list of offices where student records are kept may be found in the Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct.

Correspondence Courses

With the approval of an academic advisor, students may take a limit of two Independent Study university courses offered through the School of Continuing Studies for the B.A.J. degree.

Credit by Examination

The school will apply credit earned by departmental examination, College Board Achievement Placement Tests, College Board Advanced Placement Tests, and language placement tests offered by the Bureau of Evaluative Standards and Testing toward appropriate degree requirements. Such credit must be entered on the student's transcript. At Indianapolis, students wishing special language credits through the credentialing process must file an application for special credit and pay a fee or charge per credit for additional credits. Indianapolis students should contact the Foreign Language Office, (317) 274-2817, for complete information.

Degree Applications

Candidates for the B.A.J. must file an intent to graduate form in the school's main office in the Information Technology Building 557 at Indianapolis. Deadlines to apply: February 1 for May or August graduation; October 1 for December graduation.

Candidates must have all credits on record at least six weeks prior to the conferring of degrees, except for credits of the current semester.

Dual Bachelor's Degree

In certain cases the dean may permit undergraduate students who have not yet completed a first bachelor's degree to complete a second bachelor's degree. Such students must complete all requirements for the B.A.J. and the second degree. Students with a bachelor's degree should consider applying for admission to a graduate program.

Exceptions to Degree Requirements

Requests for deviation from school requirements may be granted only by written approval from the dean of the school (or the dean's administrative representative).

Incomplete Courses

A grade of Incomplete (I) may be given only when the work of the course is three quarters completed and when the student's work is of passing quality. All Incomplete (I) grades must be removed within the time specified by the instructor of the course or they will automatically change to an F one calendar year after the end of the semester/session the grade of I was given. It is the student's responsibility to obtain from the instructor the requirements and deadline for the removal of the incomplete. Students who receive a grade of I should not register for the course a second time.

Language Placement for International Students

Students whose native language is not English may demonstrate required proficiency in their language. Students are required to take a proficiency exam from the department of their native language. Students must place at or above the fifth semester. They cannot earn credit for courses at the first- or second-year level in their native language.

Pass/Fail Option

Students in good academic standing may take up to eight elective courses, maximum two courses per academic year, for a grade of P (pass) or F (fail). No courses used to fulfill major requirements, second concentration, fundamental skills, distribution, or culture studies requirements may be taken under the Pass/Fail option.

During the freshman year, students may take two physical education "E'' classes under the Pass/Fail option in addition to the two other courses permitted.

Students must meet the deadlines to enroll in courses under the Pass/Fail option as listed each semester in the Schedule of Classes. A grade of P is not calculated in the grade point average; a grade of F is calculated in the grade point average. A grade of P cannot be changed subsequently to any other letter grade.

Public Information

Upon request, certain information is made available to the public by the Office of the Registrar: Bloomington, Franklin 100, (812) 855-0121; Indianapolis, Campus Center, (317) 274-1501.

Release of Information in Student Records

An implicit and justifiable assumption of trust is placed in the School of Journalism as custodian of personal data submitted by students entering the school or generated during their enrollment. This mutual relationship of trust between the school and the individual student requires that such data be held in confidence. More information on the confidentiality and access to student records appears in the front portion of the bulletin.

Statute of Limitations

Course work for the B.A.J. degree must be completed within eight years from the time the student first registers at the university. Students who do not meet this requirement must apply in writing to the dean to have their programs updated to meet the degree requirements currently in effect.


Permission must be obtained from the office of the associate dean to use any course that was completed 10 or more years previously as credit toward the B.A.J. degree.

Withdrawal from Courses

The school permits withdrawal from courses with the automatic grade of Withdrawn (W) within the deadlines of the current campus as published in the Schedule of Classes.

Petitions for withdrawal after the periods specified in the Schedule of Classes will be considered by the dean only for urgent reasons related to extended illness or equivalent distress. Documentation of extended illness or equivalent distress will be required.

If students withdraw with the dean's consent, their mark in the course shall be W if they are passing at the time of withdrawal and F if they are not passing. The grade will be recorded on the date of withdrawal. Failure to complete a course without authorized withdrawal will result in the grade F.