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CrimsonCard (ID Card)

The official form of identification for members of the IUPUC campus community is the CrimsonCard. All full- and part-time students, faculty, and staff are required to have a CrimsonCard for convience and security. With a current photo ID in hand, simply visit the the UITS office in LC 1511, 8AM-5PM Monday through Friday to have your photo taken. If you have the previous Campus Card (C-card), please bring it with you to exchange for your new CrimsonCard.

You can use your CrimsonCard to access university services and features including purchases made in the IUPUC Cafe or the Barnes and Noble Bookstore, printing, libraries, and secure entry to IU buildings. It is more convenient because you will be able to use one card for everything, on any IU campus. And, it is more secure, thanks to the built-in smart chip with encryption technology.

Call 812-375-7555 or email techwork@iupuc.edu with any questions about the CrimsonCard.