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Upon graduation, IUPUC students not only become alumni of Indiana University or Purdue University, but also of IUPUC.  The IUPUC Alumni Association is dedicated to connecting alumni, building lifelong relationships, and serving IUPUC.

IUPUC Alumni Association is a vital link between alumni, students, faculty, staff, and the community.  The vision is to improve the lives of students and alumni through education, personal development, and camaraderie.  The Association serves as a dynamic organization by facilitating communications and sponsoring a wide variety of programs to actively engage alumni in the success, growth, and development of IUPUC.

Annual Alumni Association-sponsored activities include the Ice Cream Social, Cultural Business Etiquette, Etiquette Luncheons, Hungry Mile, Harvest Bicycle Boogie, Student Career Preparation, and Grad Bash event. For more information on these programs and the Association, please contact the Office of Alumni Relations at (812) 375-7531 or alumni@iupuc.edu or visit the Alumni Relations website.