Business and Economics


Cynthia Roberts, Ph.D., Professor of Business Administration and Dean

Bala G. Arshanapalli, Ph.D., Professor of Finance, Gallagher-Mills Endowed Chair and Associate Executive Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs

Yilka Azemi, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Marketing

Kevin Ballard, M.B.A., Lecturer in Management, Director of Graduate Programs

Subir K. Bandyopadhyay, Ph.D., Professor of Marketing

Jaclyn Barkow, D.B.A., Clinical Assistant Professor of Accounting

Andrea E. C. Griffin, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Management

Jokima Hiller, Ph.D., Visiting Assistant Professor of Management

Charles J. Hobson, Ph.D., Professor of Business Administration

Ranjan B. Kini, Ph.D., Professor of Management

Brandon Lee, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Accounting

Tin-Chun Lin, Ph.D., Professor of Economics

Matthew Lutey, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Finance

Micah Pollak, Associate Professor of Economics

Surekha K.B. Rao, Ph.D., Professor of Economics and Adjunct Professor of Women's and Gender Studies

Rajan Selladurai, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Production Operations Management

Faculty Emeriti

Shyam L. Bhatia, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Economics

Lloyd J. Buckwell Jr., Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Business Administration

Donald A. Coffin, Ph.D., Associate Professor Emeritus of Economics

Edmond L. d'Ouville, Ph.D., Associate Professor Emeritus of Accounting

Sidney P Feldman, D.B.A., Professor Emeritus of Marketing

Joseph M. Kamen, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Marketing

Bill Nelson, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Finance

Gopal C. Pati, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Business Administration

Anna Rominger, J.D., Associate Professor Emeritus of Business Administration

Cuthbert L. Scott III, Ph.D., Associate Professor Emeritus of Business Administration

C. David Strupeck, Ph.D.Associate Professor Ermeritus of Accounting

James Thomas, C.P.A. / Ed.D., Clinical Assistant Professor Emeritus in Accounting

Marilyn E. Vasquez, J.D., Associate Professor Emeritus of Business Administration

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