Admission Procedures

1.      Individuals must read the program-specific sections in this bulletin for additional admission requirements and deadlines.

2.      Individuals seeking admission to a professional program must submit a complete application prior to the program's application deadline. Admission to the professional program is competitive; application for admission to the university does not constitute automatic admission to a program.

3.      Applicants who are not Indiana University students must also file an Indiana University application and pay the application fee prior to the program application deadline. Applications for admission to Indiana University can be obtained from the Office of Admissions on the campus of interest. Some campuses may have application deadlines.

4.      The program's admission committee reviews all completed applications. The selection of a class is based on school and program admission criteria. All applicants receive written notification of their admission status.

5.      Applicants may appeal any admission decision except the requirement of a grade point average of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale. Copies of the policies and procedures governing the appeals process are available on request from the programs’ administrative offices.

6.      Individuals interested in being admitted to one of the school's programs should contact the program of interest annually for an update of admission criteria.

7.      Applicants must obtain an application for the year in which they wish to apply.

8.      Applicants should check the current program application for the deadlines for submission.

9.      Students who have a positive criminal history may be ineligible for admission, unable to be placed clinically (and thus unable to progress through the program), or unable to obtain appropriate credentials to practice in some disciplines. Contact the program director for further information.

10.  A student whose name appears on the Sex Offenders List will not be allowed to pursue admission to any program in the College of Health and Human Services.

11.  Programs may calculate the competitive grade point average utilizing grades earned in remedial courses differently. See the program-specific section.

Academic Bulletins

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