School of Sciences

General Studies Degree Program

Previously Earned Credit

Recognition of Previously Earned Credit
Many students in the General Studies Program have previously earned academic credit at Indiana University or at other institutions. Such credit is applied to the degree requirements of the B.G.S. degree within the guidelines listed below.

Credits Eligible for Transfer from Institutions Other than Indiana University Kokomo
A maximum of 90 credit hours [64 from a community college] can be applied to the B.G.S. degree, provided the applicant has earned grades of C or better. In order for transfer credit to be applied in any of the required areas of learning, courses taken must be equivalent in nature to those offered by Indiana University Kokomo in these areas. Courses taken at another institution in which the student received grades of D or F will not be accepted for credit. 

Credit by Examination at Indiana University Kokomo
Students who wish to pursue credit by examination at Indiana University Kokomo should consult with their General Studies degree program advisor.

Credit by Examination from Other Institutions
If the transcript indicates credit by examination and if students do not enroll in sequential courses to validate their knowledge in the subject matter, credit will be granted only on the basis of review by the appropriate academic department of Indiana University Kokomo.

Credit Awarded Through Non-departmental Examinations
The General Studies degree program awards credit for such programs as Advanced Placement Examinations, DSST, and College Level Examination Programs (CLEP).  For more information, consult your advisor.

Credits Awarded for Educational Programs in Non-collegiate Organizations
Where relevant to the academic program, the General Studies degree program will consider the evaluation and credit recommendations of the two publications below as a guide in awarding credit to persons who have successfully completed non-collegiate or in-company sponsored instruction: The National Guide to Educational Credit for Training Programs, American Council on Education and A Guide to Educational Programs in Non-collegiate Organizations, The State University of New York.

Credit for Self-Acquired Competency (SAC)
The General Studies degree program recognizes that students do gain college-level knowledge and understanding through various life experiences that are equivalent to the subject matter of specific courses in the university curriculum or that may be recognized as general-elective credit. Students who believe themselves eligible for such credit may accelerate their college programs by discussing their background in detail with their General Studies degree program advisor. A maximum of 15 credit hours can be awarded for Self-Acquired Competency.  

Transfer of Self-Acquired Competency Credit within Indiana University
Self-acquired competency credit awarded by the faculty of Indiana University Kokomo campus is recorded and explained on the permanent record of the student.  The student should be aware, however, that such credit will not necessarily be honored by other degree programs of Indiana University, nor by other institutions.

Transfer of Self-Acquired Competency Credit from Other Institutions
Up to 15 credit hours of the possible credit toward the B.G.S. degree will be awarded for self-acquired competency previously recognized by other accredited postsecondary institutions. Additional credit hours of self-acquired competency credit from other institutions must be reviewed in the same manner as other Indiana University Kokomo self-acquired competency credit.

Military Service Credit
Veterans of military service and military personnel on active duty are eligible for academic credit as a result of their military training and experience. The General Studies degree program follows the provisions of the American Council on Education’s “Guide to Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Services” in granting credit.

Paramedic and EMT certification
Special credit for students who have their EMT and/or Paramedic certification can be awarded.

Graduation Requirements
To be eligible for graduation, students must complete the course work specified in their plans of study with an overall grade point average of 2.0 (C) or better. Students must receive a grade of C– or better in all courses used to fulfill course requirements in the three principal areas and the concentration area of learning. Any course in which a student receives a grade of D will count as a general elective to fulfill total credit hours required for the degree program. 

Student Responsibility
Students should understand that the responsibility for designing an appropriate academic program and for meeting every degree requirement rests with them; academic advisors are obligated only to assist students in meeting this responsibility. Students needing clarification of any of the requirements for their baccalaureate degrees are urged to obtain that clarification from their academic advisors.

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