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Bachelor of Science in Informatics – Collaborative Online Degree Program

This online degree program is a collaborative partnership between IU East, IU Kokomo, IU Northwest, IUPUI, IU South Bend, and IU Southeast.

About the Bachelor of Science in Informatics

Informatics is understanding the impact of technology and information on people; the development of new uses for technology; and the application of information technology in the context of another field. 

Students in this degree program complete a core curriculum that builds an overall understanding of computers, computing environments, software development, and cognates (such as Bioinformatics, Business, Cognitive Science, Computer Science, Criminal Justice, English, Health Informatics, Life Sciences, Mathematics, New Media, Physics, Psychology, Social Informatics, and Web Development). The degree prepares students to enter challenging computing careers in the workplace or to embark on postgraduate programs in Informatics. Some possible careers are:

  • User experience designer
  • Information architect
  • Digital library specialist
  • Network manager
  • Web developer
  • Information security professional
  • E-commerce specialist
  • Database developer/manager
  • Software developer
  • System administrator

This 100 percent online, consortial program is taught by IU East, IUPUI, IU Kokomo, IU Northwest, IU South Bend, and IU Southeast. This consortial model allows you to take coursework from several campuses and learn from a wide range of faculty.

This degree program is targeted to undergraduate students, including working adults, who wish to complete a high quality degree in Informatics.

Degree Requirements

1. Students must complete a minimum of 120 credit hours with a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or higher.

2. A minimum of 30 credit hours must be taken at the 300-level or above.

3. General Education. Students must complete all of the requirements of the Indiana University Kokomo campus-wide general education curriculum. The General Education requirements in critical thinking and cultural diversity are satisfied by the major. Courses that fulfill the requirements for a cognate area may also meet the general education distribution requirements. Any course used to meet major requirements may also be used to meet one but not more than one of the general education distribution requirements.

4. Students are required to choose one of the following tracks: Business track, Health Information Management track, or Legal Informatics track.

5. Core and the cognate area must be completed with a grade of C or better. A minimum overall GPA of 2.0 in the informatics core and the cognate area is required. Courses in other departments that are used to fulfill general education requirements or general electives may be completed with any passing grade . A minimum overall GPA of 2.0 is required for graduation.

6. Major Requirements (42 cr.)

All courses are 3 credit hours, unless otherwise designated.

  • ENG-W 231 Professional Writing Skills
  • INFO-C 100 Informatics Foundations
  • INFO-C 112 Tools for Informatics: Programming and Databases
  • INFO-C 201 Mathematical Foundations of Informatics
  • INFO-C 203 Social Informatics
  • INFO-C 210 Problem Solving and Programming I
  • INFO-C 211 Programming 2
  • INFO-C 300 Human Computer Interaction
  • INFO-C 307 Data Representation and Organization
  • INFO-C 399 Database Systems
  • INFO-C 413 Web Design and Development
  • INFO-C 450 System Design
  • INFO-C 451 System Implementation
  • INFO-C 452 Project Management

7. Informatics Track (15-18 cr.) - see below

8. Informatics Electives (9 cr.)

9. Free Electives to have total balance of credits to equal or exceed 120.


Informatics Tracks (15-18 cr.)
Business Track Required Courses 
  • BUS-J 404 Business and Society (3 cr.),
  • BUS-Z 440 Personnel-Human Resource Management (3 cr.)
Pick One:
  • BUS-A 200 Foundations of Accounting (3 cr.)
  • BUS-A 201 Introduction to Financial Accounting (3 cr.)
  • BUS-A 202 Introduction to the Managerial Accounting (3 cr.)
Pick One:
  • BUS-M 300 Introduction to Marketing (3 cr.)
  • BUS-M 301 Introduction to Marketing Management (3 cr.)
Pick One:
  • BUS-F 301 Financial Management (3 cr.)
  • BUS-F 302 Financial Decision Making (3 cr.)
Pick One:
  • BUS-P 301 Operations Management (3 cr.)
  • BUS-P 421 Supply Chain Management (3 cr.)
Legal Informatics Track -  Required Courses: 
  • INFO-C 401 Foundations in Legal Informatics (3 cr.)
  • INFO-C 402 Legal and Social Informatics of Security (3 cr.)
  • INFO-C 403 Electronic Discovery (3 cr.)
  • INFO-C 404 Litigation Support Systems and Courtroom Presentations (3 cr.)
  • INFO-C 405 Technology and the Law (3 cr.)
Health Information Management Track 
Pick One:
  • AHLT-M 195 Medical Terminology (3 cr.)
  • AHLT-M 330 Medical Terminology (3 cr.)
  • HIM-M 195 Medical Terminology (3 cr.)
  • HIM-M 330 Medical Terminology (3 cr.)
Pick One:
  • AHLT-M 192 Introduction to Health Information Management & Reimbursement (2-3 cr.)
  • AHLT-M 392 Introduction to Health Information Management & Reimbursement (2-3 cr.)
  • HIM-M 108 Introduction to Health Information Management (3 cr)
  • HIM-M 101 Introduction to Health Records (3 cr.) (Prerequisite – M195)
Pick One:
  • HIM-M 301 Healthcare Quality and Information Management (3 cr.) (Prerequisite-M195, M101, M107)
  • HIM-M 325 Healthcare Information Requirements and Standards (3 cr.)
Pick One:
  • HIM-M 107 Computer Applications in Health Information Technology (3 cr.) (Co-requisite-M 101)
  • HIM-M 425 Quantitative Analysis of Health Information (3 cr)
Pick One:
  • HIM-M350 Pathophysiology and Pharmacology for HIM I (3 cr.) and HIM-M 351 Pathophysiology for HIM II (3 cr.) (Prerequisite-HIM M 350)  or
  • HIM-M 410 Computer Systems in Healthcare (3 cr.) (Prerequisite HIM-M 195, M 101, M 107)

Student Services

IU Online provides quick and easy access to tools, tips, and IU resources to help you succeed, including:

  • Admissions: Personalized application support for the program that is right for you
  • Onboarding: An interactive orientation to online learning and all things IU
  • Student Financial Services: Tailored resources for financial aid and money management
  • Success Coaching: One-on-one support to reach your academic and personal goals
  • Math and Writing Support: Direct access to IU-trained math mentors and writing consultants
  • Career Services: Interactive tools and coaching to accelerate your career
  • Libraries and Research: Online access to IU library resources and research librarians
  • Technology: A full suite of software, collaboration tools, cloud storage, and training
  • 24/7 Contact Center: Real-time chat, email, and phone support direct from IU


Application Deadline

Rolling admissions. Application review will begin upon receipt of all required application materials.

To be accepted to this program, you must have:

  1. Admissions requirements vary.

NOTE: This program is authorized, exempt, or not subject to state regulatory compliance and may enroll students from all 50 states

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