School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Department of History, Political Science, and Philosophy

Graduate Certificate in Political Science-Online Collaborative

The collaborative online Graduate Certificate in Political Science will provide the discipline-specific graduate coursework that dual-credit and community college instructors need to meet the instructor qualification standards set by the Higher Learning Commission. To earn the certificate, students will complete six graduate courses for 18 credits in the following content areas of Political Science:

  • Political Science: Scope and Empirical Theory
  • Research Methods in Political Science
  • Political Theory and Political Thought
  • Political Behavior—Mass Political Behavior, Opinion, and Identities
  • Government and Political Institutions
  • American Politics in a Comparative Perspective

 Required Courses:

  • POLS-P 570 Introduction to Politics I (3 cr.)
  • POLS-Y 567 Public Opinion: Approaches and Issues (3 cr.)
  • POLS-Y 580 Research Methods in Political Science (3 cr.)
  • POLS-Y 657 Comparative Politics (3 cr.)
  • POLS-Y 661 American Politics (3 cr.)
  • POLS-Y 675 Political Philosophy (3 cr.)

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