School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Department of History, Political Science, and Philosophy

Graduate Certificate in History-Online Collaborative

The collaborative online Graduate Certificate in History will provide the discipline-specific graduate coursework that dual-credit and community college instructors need to meet the instructor qualification standards set by the Higher Learning Commission.

Students in the collaborative online Graduate Certificate in History will:

  • Develop a depth of content knowledge,
  • Practice historical interpretation,
  • Think critically,
  • Employ research and analysis methods, and
  • Communicate concepts and ideas with precision and clarity.

To earn the Certificate, students will complete a graduate Research Seminar in History, and five additional courses chosen from the following six topics: Historical Methodology, Teaching College History, Early America 1400-1800, the Long 19th Century 1800-1917, Modern United States, 1917-Present, and U.S. and the World-Comparative History.

This online collaborative certificate is an 18 credit hour program.  

Required Course: (3 cr.)

  • HIST-T 590 Research Seminar in History (3 cr.)

Elective Courses: (15 cr.) choose 5 courses

  • HIST-T 510 Historical Methodology (3 cr.)
  • HIST-T 520 Teaching College History (3 cr.)
  • HIST-T 530 Early America, 1400-1800 (3 cr.)
  • HIST-T 540 The Long 19th Century, 1800-1917 (3 cr.)
  • HIST-T 550 Modern United States, 1917-Present (3 cr.)
  • HIST-T 560 US and the World - Comparative History (3 cr.)

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