School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Department of English and Language Studies

Bachelor of Arts in English

The Bachelor of Arts in English is a four-year undergraduate degree for students who want to develop their talents in reading and writing, who want a solid grounding in literature and English studies for secondary or postsecondary teaching, who wish to prepare for graduate or professional study in such fields as English, library science, journalism, law, or business, or who wish to develop analytical and expressive skills valuable in many careers.

The major consists of at least 36 credit hours above the 100 level in English language, literature, linguistics, and writing courses: ENG-L 202, ENG-L 371, ENG-L 495 (9 credit hours) are specified to ensure that all majors have a common background in literary interpretation and theory;

27-39 credit hours are chosen from among advanced courses in several specified categories. All courses in the major must be completed with a C- or better.

Students may, but are not required to, concentrate in Language and Literature or Writing, Editing, and Media. These concentrations are described below. The English department also offers minors in English Literature, English Professional Writing, English Creative Writing, and Film Studies.

The English department works cooperatively with the School of Education to administer a dual degree program in English/Secondary Education. Students participating in this program will complete both a Bachelor of Arts in English degree and a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education degree (English/Language Arts). Students in this program will be certified to teach at the secondary school level. Please see an advisor in either SHSS or the School of Education for more information about this program.

Please see the English and Language Studies website regarding frequently asked questions about our degree programs, projected course offerings, and sample plans of study.

Mission Statement
The mission of the English program is to provide students with a bachelor’s degree in English within a liberal arts tradition. The program introduces students to major literary works in English, teaches them the professional vocabulary of literary analysis and theory, and instructs them in the methods of research and interpretation. The program enables students to achieve goals relating both to career and to personal development.

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