School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Department of Communication and Performing Arts

Bachelor of Arts in Humanities

The Bachelor of Arts in Humanities prepares students to pursue a special interest in one or more humanities disciplines, prepare themselves for graduate or professional study, or develop analytical and expressive skills valuable in many careers. Because the major includes few required courses, the student is free to select those advanced courses that reflect personal or professional interests. A student selects courses with the continuing assistance of a faculty advisor.

Mission Statement
The mission of the humanities program is to provide students with a bachelor’s degree in the liberal arts. The program introduces students to a variety of disciplines that study artistic, cultural, and philosophical achievements. In these disciplines, students learn the professional vocabulary of analysis and interpretation and the methods of research and criticism. The program enables students to achieve goals relating both to career and to personal development.

Students in the program will:

  • gain in-depth experience of at least one humanities subject;
  • become familiar with a variety of methods and subject areas within the humanities;
  • gain an appreciation of what is shared by humanities subjects, in particular the ways “texts,” broadly construed, are studied in more than one humanities subject
  • acquire latitude in devising a program that addresses their particular needs


1.  See “Degree Requirements” section under “School of Humanities and Social Sciences”

2.  36 credit hours of Humanities Department course at the 200 level or above within the major

3.  No grade lower than a C- will count toward the degree.

4.  Students must complete the requirements of a minor in a humanities field (15-18 cr.).

5.  Students will choose 3-6 credit hours in humanities electives within the major (3-6 cr.).

6.  Students must complete the Capstone course which meets concurrently with ENG-L 495 (3 cr.).

7.  Students must take four (4) 300-400 level courses in addition to courses used to satisfy their chosen humanities minor.  Each of these 4 courses must come from a different category of those listed below *(12 cr.)

  • Communication
  • English
  • Theater and Music
  • Languages (note: A course taken from this area would need to be in addition to courses the student uses to meet the School of Humanities and Social Sciences requirements or campus General Education Requirements.)
  • New Media and Studio Art
  • Philosophy, Religion and Gender

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