School of Education

Undergraduate Programs

Changes in Program Requirements

All program descriptions reflect current regulatory guidelines, but programs may be altered by the School of Education to meet changing requirements of the Indiana Department of Education. Every effort will be made to ensure that changes do not jeopardize the progress of the matriculated student. However, students who extend their programs over several years should expect to be required to complete current standards. Students should confer with their advisor concerning the current educational requirements.

Admission Requirements
Students are admitted directly into the School of Education upon declaring an education major. To complete admission, each student must attend an orientation seminar and be assigned an advisor. Admission to the education major does not guarantee subsequent admission to the Teacher Education Program.

Transfer Credit Policies
The following policies govern the transfer of credit at IU Kokomo and in this program:
  1. The Office of Admissions determines the credit that may be accepted from other institutions and applied toward a degree.
  2. Courses from other institutions applied toward an undergraduate education degree must be equivalent to courses offered at Indiana University.
  3. Credit is only accepted for work from approved accredited institutions.
  4. No more than 64 credits required by the degree earned at a junior or community college will apply toward an undergraduate degree at Indiana University.
  5. No credit will be allowed for work in which the student has earned a letter grade lower than C or its equivalent.

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