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Undergraduate Academic Policies

Correspondence Courses
Correspondence Courses Students in the School of Education receive credit for correspondence work only in exceptional cases, with the consent of the Dean of the School of Education. If a correspondence course is to be applied toward graduation requirements during the current semester, it must be completed at least 15 days prior to the close of regular campus classes that semester. Students may take a maximum of 9 credit hours in general education academic subjects by correspondence. Exceptions to this rule will be considered on an individual basis by the Dean of the School of Education. In no case will correspondence credit exceed 18 credit hours, and no required professional education courses may be completed by correspondence.

Special Grading Policies

See university grading policies in the Academic Regulations section of this Bulletin.

Application for Bachelor of Science in Education

Students should file an application for the degree with the Dean of the School of Education at Indiana University Kokomo at their last registration before completing degree requirements. Students completing degrees in the School of Education in absentia must notify the Dean at least two months prior to the date the degree is to be granted. Graduation dates at IU Kokomo occur in December, May, and August. Students planning to graduate in December must apply for their degrees by September 15. May, and August graduates must apply by January 15. Application for a degree is the student’s responsibility. The School of Education will not be responsible for students who fail to file their application in time.

Basic Skills Competency Options:
ETS Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators with a score of 156 on Reading (Test Code 5713), 162 on Writing (Test Code 5723), 150 on Mathematics (Test Code 5733); ACT with a score of at least 21 on Reading and 21 on Mathematics; SAT with a combined score of 1100 (taken prior to March 1, 2016) or 543 on Reading and Writing and 533 on Mathematics (taken after March 1, 2016).
Anyone with a Master's Degree or higher from a regionally accredited institution is exempt from this requirement.

Beginning September 1, 2013, the Indiana CORE Assessments for Educator Licensure will be the sole means of assessing the developmental (pedagogical) and content area knowledge of candidates seeking Indiana educator Licensure. All candidates for an initial practitioner license will be required to pass a developmental (pedagogy) area assessment and appropriate content area assessments. Candidates seeking to add a content area to their license will be required to achieve passing scores on the Indiana CORE content area assessment(s) that match the license.

Courses required in the four-year degree curriculum may be found on the IU Kokomo School of Education Web site ( Students should plan their programs in consultation with an academic advisor and should monitor their programs to ensure all degree requirements are met. Failure to do so will delay program completion.

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