School of Education

Teacher Education Program (TEP)

The IU Kokomo teacher education programs leading to initial licensure in Indiana are based on the Professional Educator Model, which is aimed at the development of teachers from novice to professional. Elements of the programs include content knowledge; general pedagogical knowledge; curriculum knowledge; knowledge of learners and their characteristics; pedagogical content knowledge; knowledge of educational contexts; and knowledge of education ends; purposes, values, and their philosophical and historical grounds. The programs aim to develop teachers who have:
  • Strong, balanced general education with work in the humanities, social sciences, mathematics, and physical and biological sciences.
  • Thorough understanding of the subject matter of their teaching field or fields.
  • Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.
  • Competence to design and implement effective instruction using a variety of instructional models.
  • Competence to create an effective classroom climate.
  • Commitment and capacity to design learning experiences that foster critical thinking and decision making.
  • Understanding of and ability to use computer and electronic technologies.
  • Ability to design appropriate evaluation strategies, both quantitative and qualitative, to appraise their instructional effectiveness, and to assess the achievements of their students.
  • Capacity to make sound judgments regarding the use of instructional materials.
  • Commitment and capacity to address issues of justice and equity and sensitivity to cultural differences and global concerns.
  • Commitment and capacity to build effective relationships with students, colleagues, and members of the community
  • Understanding of the legal rights and responsibilities of students, teachers, and schools.
  • Commitment and capacity to approach their profession ethically with a guiding set of responsible social and personal values.
  • Commitment to continuing professional renewal.
Admission to the Teacher Education Program

Students who wish to pursue programs that lead to initial teacher licensure must apply for admission to the Teacher Education Program (TEP). Admission to the TEP is separate from admission to the university and from admission to the education major. Formal acceptance is required before students are permitted to enroll in any methods courses. Students generally apply to the TEP before the end of their sophomore year on forms available from the School of Education office, or online. Standards for Admission to the Teacher Education Program apply to both education and non-education majors. In order to be admitted, a student must:
  1. Earn an overall GPA 3.00.
  2. Attain a grade of C or better in all required general education courses. Please consult specific program planning guide.
  3. Achieve a C or better in all education courses required for the student’s program.
  4. Complete minimum number of credit hours in General Education and teaching major required by the student’s program. (Secondary students have a minimum GPA in Teaching Major courses of 2.5 as well as no grade less than a C).
  5. Earn passing scores on approved basic skills exams (see program planning guides for details).
  6. Receive formal acceptance into the program by the education faculty.

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