School of Education

Services Available to Education Students

Placement Services for Education Students

The Office of Placement and Student Services in the School of Education at Bloomington accepts registration from any person who has either earned a degree from Indiana University or who successfully completed 30 credit hours at Indiana University. Students are encouraged to complete their placement dossiers prior to graduation. The IU Kokomo Office of Career Development and Placement also is available to assist students in preparing and conducting a job search. The office is a point of contact between employers and students or alumni seeking employment.

Other Opportunities

Undergraduate Research

Opportunities are frequently available for undergraduate students to work with faculty on education research projects, and they may be supported by grants. Each student is strongly encouraged to consult with faculty whose academic area is congruent with the student’s interest.

Honors Program

Students with at least a 3.3 grade point average are eligible to earn both university and education honors. Honors in education may be completed within two years and include a summer internship. Interested students should contact the Honors program director for further information. 

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