School of Education

Field Experience and Student Teaching

Field Experiences
Field experiences are important and essential components of the initial teacher education programs at IU Kokomo. All students must complete a series of continuous and ongoing experiences in elementary or secondary classrooms, including observations, field practica, and student teaching. Admission to the Teacher Education Program is required to enroll in methods courses and their related field experiences.  All students enrolled in any School of Education course are required to have a valid expanded criminal background check on file prior to participation in any field experiences that includes direct or indirect contact with P-12 students. 

Student Teaching Semester
Applications for student teaching of any type must be filed in the year prior to the academic year in which the work is to be done. The published deadlines are posted on the School of Education Canvas site where applications are available. Student teaching is a full-time experience requiring complete participation in the school program, including evening activities as required. Student teachers should plan accordingly.

Eligibility Requirements for Student Teaching
In order to be eligible for student teaching, students must:
  1. Be formally admitted to the Teacher Education Program.
  2. Submit a student teaching application to the School of Education at IU Kokomo, per provided deadlines. 
  3. Attain senior or graduate standing in the university or be within two semesters and one summer session of graduation/program completion.
  4. Complete all professional education courses designated as prerequisites to student teaching.
  5. Complete all the required courses (exclusive of student teaching for the K-6 program) or complete at least 90 percent of the required work in the 5-12 teaching major.
  6. Earn an overall GPA of at least 2.5 in all work taken at Indiana University (for undergraduates pursuing the B.S. Elementary Education).
  7. Earn a GPA of at least 2.5 in the teaching major (for 5-12 programs)
  8. Meet the required testing requirements for licensure by the Indiana Department of Education prior to student teaching.
  9. Meet all other standards and requirements of the Indiana University Kokomo School of Education and the Indiana Department of Education.

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