School of Education

Bachelor of Science in Education

Students in the Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education are held responsible for meeting all requirements for graduation and for completing them by the expected graduation date.

Specific Degree Requirements
Each program is designed to meet the course requirements for both the degree and the appropriate teaching license. The degree requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Education are:
  1. Meet the regular matriculation requirements of the university.
  2. Admission to the Teacher Education Program (TEP).
  3. Completion of at least 35 credit hours of junior and senior courses (courses numbered 300 or above).
  4. Completion of at least 30 of the last 60 credit hours required for a specific degree program at Indiana University Kokomo. These 30 credit hours will, with rare exception, include student teaching and methods courses in the major teaching areas. Students must also take some of the work in the major area at IU Kokomo unless they are transfer students from an IU campus where a degree in the major is offered. In this case, the requirement of some work in the major area at IU
  5. Completion of the professional education courses as stipulated in the specific program, and all of the general education and subject matter courses required by IU Kokomo for the appropriate degree. All general education courses must be completed with a C or better.  All courses in the major must be completed with a C or better.
  6. Completion of the number of total credit hours specified by each program.
  7. Meet GPA requirements of the program as previously specified, including a minimum GPA of 2.5 in each special teaching area.
  8. Meet all Decision Point requirements.
  9. Recommendation by the student’s academic advisor and approval by the education faculty.

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