School of Business

Policies Governing the BSB Degree

Admissions and Graduation Requirements
The requirements for admission to the Bachelor of Science in Business program are completion of 52 credit hours, a minimum G.P.A. of 2.0 and a minimum grade of C in BUS-X 107, BUS-A 201, BUS-A 202, BUS-L 201, BUS-W 100, ECON-E 201, ECON-E 202, ECON-E 270, ENG-W 131, SPCH-S 121, PSY-P 103, and MATH-M 118. Further, for graduation, a minimum grade of C and overall G.P.A. of 2.0 (C) is required for all courses. 

Degree Requirements
Graduates of the School of Business undergraduate program must fulfill all of the General Education requirements as passed by the Faculty Senate. These general education requirements are effective with the Fall 2019 admitted students and are found elsewhere in this bulletin. Students in the School of Business are responsible for planning their own programs and for meeting degree requirements. It is their responsibility to understand fully and to comply with all the provisions of this bulletin. However, they are strongly encouraged to meet with an academic advisor to discuss their plan and standing in the program.

Degree Applications
Candidates for a degree are expected to meet proper deadlines for the filing of degree applications. Graduation dates at IU Kokomo occur in December, May, and August. Students planning to graduate in December must apply for their degrees by September 15. The application deadline for May and August graduations is January 15.

Credit Hour Requirement
The minimum number of credit hours required for the baccalaureate degree is 120 in courses meeting the various requirements stated in this bulletin. Thirty of the last 45 credit hours must be taken at IU Kokomo, and at least 50 percent of business credits must be earned at Indiana University.

Credit Deadline
All credits for a degree, except that for the work of the current semester, must be on record at least one month prior to the conferring of the degrees.

Grade Point Average Requirements
A minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 (C) is required for graduation. Grades of A+, A, A–, B+, B, B–, C+, C, C–, D+, D, D–, and F are included in the grade point average. Students may replace a grade by retaking a class (up to 3 classes totaling 9 credit hours) and filing the appropriate form. A grade of at least C must be earned in all Business and Economics classes, and all general education requirements.

Academic Standing
Students who consistently maintain a grade point average of 2.0 (C) or higher in both their cumulative and semester records are considered to be in good standing. If a student withdraws or earns less than a C three times in any of the required courses in the business degree, they will not be considered in good academic standing. This will result in the removal of the student from the School of Business. In the case of pre-business students, they will not be eligible to apply for admission to the School of Business.

Statute of Limitations
Students who are candidates for the Bachelor of Science in Business degree have the right to complete degree requirements specified by the bulletin in effect at the time they matriculated at Indiana University, provided (1) that the necessary courses are available, and (2) that no more than eight calendar years have elapsed since matriculation. In the event that courses are not available or more than eight years have elapsed, students must consult with a Business advisor to update their programs to the bulletin currently in effect.

Junior College, Community College, and Correspondence Study Credits
The maximum number of credit hours allowed from a community or junior college is 64 unless otherwise approved in an articulation agreement. Online courses at the 300-400 level must be taken at an AACSB accredited school and be approved by the undergraduate advisor. Students seeking exceptions to the above policy must obtain the written approval of the dean of the School of Business. Thirty of the last forty-five credit hours must be taken at IU Kokomo.

Transfer-Credit Policy
Students who transfer from approved colleges to pursue undergraduate study in the School of Business must take required courses if they have not had equivalent courses in the school from which they transferred. Courses in advanced business and economics subjects that are not open to IU Kokomo freshmen and sophomores, but that are taken in other institutions in the freshman and sophomore years, are not accepted as equivalents of Indiana University courses unless the student passes validation examinations in such subjects. Courses transferring in as 300- and 400-level business or economics courses must have been taken at an AACSB accredited school. Business and economics courses taken at other institutions more than ten years prior to the student’s acceptance into the school are not accepted as equivalents of Indiana University courses. Only grades earned at Indiana University count toward a student’s grade point average. Grades from other universities transfer as credits only, although transfer grades appear on the credit transfer report. The School of Business does not accept credit from educational programs of non-collegiate organizations. In some cases, the experience from these programs may qualify a student for a special credit examination.

Requirements for a Second Bachelor Degree
Holders of a bachelor degree in areas other than business may seek a second bachelor degree in business through the School of Business. The candidate will, of course, be exempted from any requirements already fulfilled in the first bachelor degree. Normally, the holder of a bachelor degree wanting to pursue further education is encouraged to seek admission to graduate study. In certain cases, however, a student may be admitted for a second bachelor degree. When such admission is granted, the candidate must earn at least 30 additional credit hours in residence and meet the requirements of the School of Business and of the chosen concentration. Students who have been awarded the Bachelor of Science in Business at Indiana University may register as special students to meet the requirements of another concentration, but they cannot receive the same degree a second time.

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