Division of Allied Health Sciences

Medical Imaging Technology

MIT is offered as a degree both on the Kokomo campus as a clinical based degree with concentration in Sonography (Ultrasound), MRI, CT, Mammography (with Breast Sonography) as well as a nonclinical based concentration in Radiology Management / PACS.  Clinical based concentration require students to attend full-time while non-clinical based options allow for less than fulltime enrollment. 

Our Indiana University MIT online collaboration is a non-clinical based degree allowing for both full and part-time enrollment.

Admissions and General Information Program Application can be found on our website: International students wishing to enter the program must contact the MIT Coordinator to assure proper credentialing and credit transfer.

 The medical imaging technologist in radiologic sciences is a skilled radiographer qualified to provide diagnostic imaging services in advanced modalities.  Students will choose from imaging modality tracks including Computed Tomography (CT), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Mammography/ Breast Ultrasound (M), Radiology Management/ Picture Archiving and Communication (PACS) and ultrasonography/sonography (general US, Echocardiography and Vascular), these areas represent advanced imaging in diagnostic radiology. Effective medical imaging technologists utilize principles of patient care, radiation safety and physics to determine imaging factors to assure quality diagnostic images.  Technologists are also capable of assisting in surgical procedures performed during examinations, assessing the technical quality of the image and providing basic patient care. The technologist will function as a member of the healthcare team.

Graduates receive a Bachelor of Science degree and are eligible to take certification examinations provided by the ARRT and/ or ARDMS, depending on their major area of concentration. IU Kokomo campus has earned primary pathway status through the ARRT or CCI for sonography, magnetic resonance imaging and echocardiography.

Medical Imaging Technology degree has several options for medical imaging concentration.  A concentration will appear on the transcript, students are eligible to apply for national certification examinations in their areas of clinical mastery.  IU Kokomo MIT program earned designation as a primary pathway by the ARRT.  This allows students to apply for certification in areas of clinical mastery of Ultrasound / Sonography or Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).  In addition, students who demonstrate mastery and have completed clinical experience hours in our sonography concentration are eligible to apply for the ARDMS examination. 

These courses concentrate completely on material involved specific to each modality reflected.  The Division of Allied Health Sciences requests approval and that this change is made as soon as possible to more accurately reflect the students’ courses of study.  Upon program completion, the student will earn 34 to 36 credit hours depending on the chosen concentration.

Medical Imaging Technology Courses

  • AHLT-R 405 Advanced Diagnostic Imaging I (3 cr.)
  • AHLT-R 406 Advanced Diagnostic Imaging II (3 cr.)
  • AHLT-R 407 Seminar: Advanced Medical Imaging Technology (3 cr.)
  • AHLT-R 409 Senior Project in Medical Imaging (3 cr.)
  • AHLT-R 472 Multiplanar Anatomy and Pathology I (3 cr.)
  • AHLT-R 473 Multiplanar Anatomy and Pathology 2 (3 cr.)
  • AHLT-R 481 Clinical Practicum: Vascular Imaging (8-12 cr.)
  • AHLT-R 482 Clinical Practicum: Computed Tomography (8-12 cr.)
  • AHLT-R 483 Clinical Practicum: Magnetic Resonance (8-12 cr.)
  • AHLT-R 484 Clinical Practicum: Ultrasound Imaging (8-12 cr.)
  • AHLT-R 485 Clinical Practicum: Variable Topics (6 cr.)
  • AHLT-R 486 Clinical Practicum: Mammography/Breast Ultrasound (6 cr.)
  • AHLT-R 487 Clinical Practicum: Echocardiography (6 cr.)
  • AHLT-R 490 Independent Study in Medical Imaging Technology (1-6 cr.)

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