Undergraduate Program Regulations

Extended X Policy

Any undergraduate student may retake an IU course for which he/she received a grade below an A. A student may exercise this option for no more than three courses, totaling no more than 10 credits during an academic career. In addition, a student may use this option only once for a given course. The course in which the student reenrolls should be the same course which is being replaced. However, course numbers and titles occasionally change, and this will be taken into account. For the course retaken, only the second grade shall be counted in the determination of the student's grade-point average (GPA). The grade for the course that has been replaced shall be marked with an "X" on the transcript. The student's transcript shall record both grades. To exercise the Extended X option, students must obtain an Extended X form from their academic unit, secure the appropriate signatures, and return the form to the Office of the Registrar.

The following regulations apply:

1. The policy applies to undergraduate students only.
2. The FX option applies to all undergraduate schools and divisions on all Indiana University campuses.
3. Any prior undergraduate course will be eligible for replacement if the replacement course is taken Spring 2004 or later under the new policy.
4. Courses repeatable with different content are not eligible for replacement under this policy unless an academic unit chooses to permit this by means of a specific authorization procedure.
5. The following grades cannot be replaced under the Extended X Policy: S, P, W, I R, NC. In addition, a grade may not be replaced with a second grade of W, I, R, or NC.
6. A student who has failed a course due to academic dishonesty may not retake that course for grade replacement under this policy.
7. Enforcement of the Extended X policy shall be the responsibility of the school or division which certifies the student's fulfillment of degree requirements.
8. Problems relating to the policy shall be referred to the school or division dean, or the administrator fulfilling the equivalent responsibility on the campus.
9. This policy does not apply to students enrolled in the Purdue University School of Technology programs.

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