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Computer Science

M.S. in Computer Science
M.S. Requirements

The Master of Science in Computer Science program includes a minimum of 30 credit hours in the following four categories.

Foundations (3 cr.)

Complete one course from the following:

  • CSCI-B 501 Theory of Computing
  • CSCI-B 503 Algorithms Design and Analysis
  • CSCI-B 505 Applied Algorithms

Systems (3 cr.)


  • CSCI-P 536 Advanced Operating Systems
  • CSCI-P 538 Computer Networks

Computer Science Courses (15 cr.)

Complete any CSCI 500+ level course

  • Excludes DSCI, ENGR, INFO, ILS, STATS, etc. courses
  • May include a maximum of 3 credit hours of independent study (CSCI-Y 790, Y 791, Y 792, or Y 793)
  • Excludes CSCI-A 500 - A 599 courses
  • Excludes CSCI-Y 798 Professional Practicum Internship

Creativity Requirement (9 cr.)

Complete any CSCI, DSCI, ENGR, INFO, ILS, or STATS 500+ level course

  • May include a maximum of 3 credit hours of CSCI-Y 798 Professional Practicum Internship
    • One (1) credit is awarded for each 160 hours of internship work, up to a maximum of two (2) credits per internship
    • Internship must be academically related to the program of study
    • Internships in the fall or spring are limited to remote or local offers only
    • Internships are not permitted in the final term
  • May include a maximum of 6 credit hours of the following:
    • Independent study (CSCI-Y 790 or Y 791)
    • Master's thesis (CSCI-Y 792)
      • Students who opt to complete a master's thesis must seek approval from the Director of Graduate Studies
      • Enroll in 6 credit hours of CSCI-Y 792
      • Complete and submit master's thesis as directed by the Computer Science Graduate Studies Office


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