Academic Policies & Procedures

Master's Degree Students

Revalidation of Courses

Course work completed more than seven years before the starting date of student’s master's degree program-entry semester may not be used to satisfy the program’s course requirements unless the student has remained current in the course subject matter. The student’s graduate advisor may recommend to the executive associate dean that course work taken before the seven year time limit be revalidated if it can be demonstrated that the knowledge contained in the course(s) remains current. Currency of knowledge may be demonstrated by such accomplishments as: (a) passing an examination specifically on the material covered by the course; (b) passing a more advanced course in the same subject area; (c) passing a comprehensive examination in which the student demonstrates substantial knowledge of the content of the course; (d) teaching a comparable course; (e) publishing scholarly research demonstrating fundamental principles of the course; or (f) demonstrating currency of course subject matter through work experience within seven years of matriculation. Each course for which consideration for revalidation is being requested should be justified separately in a document presented to the executive associate dean for approval.

Academic Bulletins