Academic Policies & Procedures

Doctoral Students

Dissertation Submission and Publication

After the final examination in defense of the dissertation has been passed and the dissertation has been approved, Ph.D. degree candidates must submit the dissertation online via ProQuest.  Please read the instructions on the University Graduate School website carefully before submitting your dissertation.  Detailed instructions are located at this link:

The online dissertation submission Web site contains complete instructions. However, if a problem is encountered, contact the University Graduate School at (812) 855-9345. Candidates for the Ph.D. must follow the guidelines and procedures for completing the dissertation, as outlined in the University Graduate School Bulletin. These guidelines and procedures are available at

In addition to online submission of the dissertation, specific items must be obtained, completed, and submitted to the Indiana University Graduate School recorder. These items include a Survey of Earned Doctorate Form, a signed acceptance page, and a signed research abstract. Please contact the University Graduate School recorder at (812) 855-9345 if you have questions about these required items.

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