Academic Policies & Procedures

Doctoral Students

Dissertation Completion Within Seven Years

After approval by the committee, the research is conducted under the supervision of the dissertation director. The acceptability of the completed dissertation is first passed by the chair and then by the doctoral committee at a formal meeting.

The dissertation must be completed within seven years after the successful completion of the qualifying examinations. Failure to meet this requirement will result in the termination of candidacy and of the student's enrollment in the degree program. To be reinstated to candidacy, the student must (a) apply for reinstatement and (b) retake and pass the qualifying examination or its equivalent (defined by the doctoral research committee in advance). A recommendation for reinstatement to candidacy must come from the chair of the doctoral research committee and receive approval from the executive associate dean of the School of Public Health-Bloomington, and final approval from the dean of the University Graduate School. Progress toward dissertation completion will be a factor in granting permission to continue. Such reinstatement, if granted, will be valid for a period of time which is determined by the dean of the University Graduate School.

After the completed dissertation has been approved by the chair, it will be formatted in accordance with established regulations. At least four weeks before the final examination, a copy of the completed dissertation must be presented to each committee member. The dissertation must include an acceptance page, a 350-word abstract, and a vita sheet. An additional 350-word abstract, an additional title page, and a one-page announcement of the dissertation defense must also be submitted to the chair.

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