The Indiana University Jacobs School of Music combines artistry, pedagogy, and research to prepare its students to fully realize the potential of the expressive arts to change lives and to enrich society. In the context of a rich interdisciplinary university environment, the Jacobs School:

  • provides music majors and students from across the university with the opportunity to develop their knowledge, understanding, and ability in music at a level appropriate to their needs and interests;
  • broadens and deepens the knowledge and understanding of music through research and publication;
  • enriches the lives of its students and faculty, as well as its local and global community, with a wide variety of performances and productions; 
  • prepares future leaders to pursue increasingly diverse career paths, interdisciplinary collaborations, and innovative artistry and scholarship in a rapidly-evolving field; and
  • engages an ever-increasing segment of society through in-person and technologically-mediated performances and instruction.

Academic Bulletins

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