Graduate Division

General Requirements for Master's Degrees

Time Limit for Degree Completion

MM, MS, and MME students must complete all degree requirements within seven calendar years from the date of matriculation in the master's program. MA students have five calendar years.

Students who do not complete their coursework within the prescribed time limit must be readmitted to the major field (through interview, submission of documents, or audition, as appropriate to the major), meet current requirements, and make any other curricular changes required by the major field department and the director of graduate studies. If a student is readmitted to the major, the term of readmission is two years.

In addition, any master's course taken more than seven calendar years prior to the date of readmission must be revalidated. Proficiencies (music history, music theory, keyboard, performance, language reading, language grammar, language diction) more than seven years old must also be revalidated. See "Graduate Revalidation Procedures" in this bulletin for information on how coursework and proficiencies may be revalidated.

These time limits are suspended for students in active military service for the duration of that active service.

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