Graduate Division

Diploma Programs in Performance

Performer Diploma, Collaborative Piano

Admission Requirements

As part of the admission process, students choose a Vocal Collaboration Emphasis, Instrumental Collaboration Emphasis, or Balanced Collaboration Emphasis.

For additional information, see "Diploma Programs in Performance" in the Graduate Division section of this bulletin.

Performance Study

P901 Collaborative Piano Graduate Major (3-8 cr.) each fall and spring semester of enrollment.

I500 Studio Masterclass (0 cr.) each fall and spring semester.

Major Ensemble

X2 (2 cr.) each fall and spring semester.

Music Courses

6 credit hours of courses in music at the undergraduate or graduate level for which the student has the prerequisites. Courses selected must be approved by the director of graduate studies.


I614 Performer Diploma Collaborative Piano Recital (0 cr.), approved according to the hearing procedures for Master of Music recitals.

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