Academic Policies & Procedures

Academic Regulations

Academic Standing

Academic standing is determined by the total number of credit hours completed toward graduation.

  • Freshman standing:  fewer than 30 credits completed
  • Sophomore standing:  30 - 59.5 credits completed
  • Junior standing:  60 - 89.5 credits completed
  • Senior standing:  90 or more credits completed

Term Load

A typical academic load is 14 to 16 credit hours per term. Students wishing to register for more than 19 credit hours in a given term should have a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher or have attained a grade point average of at least 3.0 during the previous full term. To enroll in more than 19 credit hours, students must see a business academic advisor for authorization.

Addition of Classes

No course may be added after the first week of a full term or the first week of a summer session unless the instructor of the class recommends that an exception be made to this policy and there is seating room according to the fire code. Because of the nature of the work, the length of the class, or group assignments, some instructors only allow students to add their courses before or during the first week of a term.

Business Courses Numbered 300-499

Enrollment in business courses numbered 300-499 is limited to the following students:

  1. Admitted Kelley School students.
  2. Non-Kelley School students who are planning to complete one of the business minors or a Business Foundations Certificate.
  3. Other students with specific permission of the department offering the course.


Kelley School students are encouraged to pursue internships; those interested should contact the Kelley Undergraduate Career Services Office (UCSO). During the term (summer, fall, or spring) of the internship, students can enroll in BUS-W 499 (no credit).  If they also choose to enroll in BUS-X 498 (includes academic work, for credit), they should enroll in this course according to the guidelines on the UCSO website. Students apply for authorization to enroll in either of these courses through the UCSO website.

Physical Education Courses

A maximum of 4 credit hours of physical education (SPH-I xxx) courses may be used for supplemental credits and applied toward the 120 total credits required for graduation.

0-level Music Courses

A maximum of 4 credit hours of 0-level Music (MUS-? 0xx) courses may be used for supplemental credits and applied toward the 120 total credits required for graduation.

ROTC Courses

Indiana University grants academic credit for ROTC courses offered by the Departments of Aerospace Studies and Military Science. Credits earned for ROTC courses may be used for supplemental credits and applied toward the 120 total credits required for graduation.

Prerequisites for Business Courses

Students must have the prerequisites on their IU transcript or be currently enrolled in the prerequisites exactly as indicated in the notes of the online Schedule of Classes for each course.  A student who does not have documentation of completion of a course's prerequisite will be removed from the course at the beginning of the term.

Duplication of Credit

Before enrolling in any course, students are strongly advised to check with a Kelley academic advisor about potential problems with cross listing or course duplication. Retaking a course you already have earned credit for, will result in a loss of credit.

Transfer of Integrative Core Credit

Students who expect to earn the Bachelor of Science in Business from the Bloomington campus must complete the courses in the Integrative Core on the Bloomington campus.

Academic Bulletins

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