Academic Policies & Procedures

Grading System

Pass/Fail Option

Students in the Kelley School may elect to take a maximum of two courses under the Pass/Fail option per year. The procedure and deadline for declaring this option may be found in the Registrar's online Enrollment and Student Academic Information Bulletin at Deadlines for filing the pass/fail option vary by semester. It is the student’s responsibility to check the Registrar enrollment bulletin for the appropriate deadline. Special regulations affecting the Pass/Fail option for Kelley School students are as follows:

  1. Kelley students must meet with a Kelley Academic advisor to submit a Pass/Fail request.
  2. Only one course each semester or one course for an entire summer may be taken under the Pass/Fail option.
  3. Business students may not take any business course pass/fail. This is true even if the course is not required for the student’s major or degree.
  4. The pass/fail option may not be used for any courses that fulfill major requirements, even if they are non-BUS courses.
  5. The pass/fail option may not be used for courses that satisfy a general education requirement (e.g. A&H, S&H, N&M, or a Field Specialization). 
  6. Pass/Fail may only be used for Supplemental Hours that are not Business courses.
  7. A grade of P is not counted in the grade point average; a grade of F is included. Once the Pass/Fail option has been requested, grades of P may not be changed to any other letter grade.
  8. After filing a pass/fail, a student may not change his/her mind and decide to take the course for a grade.

Academic Bulletins

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