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BUS–W 499 Co-op/Intern Work Assignment Off-Campus (0 cr.)  This course is the Kelley School of Business designation for off-campus COOP/Internship participation. Registration in BUS-W 499 is listed on a student’s transcript during the semester(s) that the student is participating in an internship.  W499 registration provides documentation of an off-campus internship experience only and does not grant any credits or additional privileges.  Students request “enrollment” in W499 by completing the online W499 registration form located on Kelley Connect through the Undergraduate Career Services Office (UCSO) website at


BUS–X 498 Credit for Internship Course (2 cr.) P: Junior standing or permission of the instructor and approval of the internship by the UCSO. This course is designed to deepen the overall learning gained from an internship. By completing structured assignments that relate both to the internship work and to elements of the broad-based business curriculum at the Kelley School, the value of the internship may be markedly increased. To earn credit for an internship, a student must complete all X498 coursework while participating in an internship that:

  • Is supervised; the student must be based on the company premises and meet in person with a supervisor at least once a week to discuss progress, receive feedback and discuss goals.  Note: Self-employment situations cannot be approved for x498.
  • Is at least nine weeks in length and 35–40 hours per week; exceptions can be presented and evaluated for approval on an individual basis through the UCSO
  • Involves learning and developing skills which are related to the student’s degree of study and promotes further understanding of the career field
  • Includes project-oriented work,  the student should have  responsibility for a relevant business project from start to finish; or have structured work assignments which can be evaluated by a supervisor upon completion
  • Increases employability in the student’s major field of interest

To enroll, students must submit the online application form through Kelley Connect on the UCSO website at: prior to beginning the internship position and before the applicable application deadlines. For more information about X498 and to view a sample syllabus, refer to the Resources tab in Kelley Connect.

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