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Academic Advising

In alignment with the missions of Indiana University and the Kelley School of Business, Kelley undergraduate academic advisors:

  • Educate students in the management of their academic affairs
  • Provide a personal connection to the Kelley experience
  • Participate in the transformation of students by promoting and reinforcing their academic success, professional development, and individual maturity
Specifically, Kelley academic advisors support students as they identify overall educational goals, develop individualized strategies for academic progress and success, and make detailed semester-by-semester plans that lead to degree completion.  They also provide information and/or appropriate referrals for any interests or issues related to the broader college experience at IU Bloomington.  In addition, Kelley advisors may challenge students to become more informed about their decisions and to take responsibility for their choices.  Overall, Kelley academic advisors provide a balance of support and challenge that reinforces student development. 

Admitted Kelley Students
Current or Prospective Business Honors Students
Students interested in Kelley International Programs
Non-business majors pursuing a Business Minor or the Business Foundations Certificate
  • Schedule 30-minute planning appointments at BU 254 or (812) 855-2614
  • Participate in walk-in advising at BU 254
Prospective students, from other IU or non-IU schools and units
  • Meet with members of the Kelley Admissions team (instead of Kelley academic advisors)
  • Gain information or schedule their appointments at BU 234 or (812) 855-4474
  • Pose quick questions or request credential reviews via email at
  • Find out information related to admission at

Academic Bulletins

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