The Student's Responsibility 

Students are responsible for planning their programs and meeting all graduation requirements. Students should be thoroughly familiar with all sections in this bulletin regarding admission, degree requirements, major requirements, course requirements, academic regulations, and academic standing. Students are also responsible for policy information and meeting all deadlines as published in the Enrollment and Student Academic Information bulletin (available at Student Central on Union) and for keeping their local and permanent addresses up to date with Student Central on Union.

Students are expected to check their official university e-mail accounts on a frequent and consistent basis to stay current with university-related communications. Faculty, academic counselors, and the recorder can assist students in planning their programs and explain requirements and policies. Students also have access on the Web to the computerized degree-audit system, the Academic Advisement Report, through the OneStart portal. They may use this to monitor their completed and remaining degree requirements.


Professional staff are available every weekday for advising. For advising appointments, call (812) 855-9247 or sign up in Ernie Pyle Hall 200. Students may also contact Lauren Kinzer, director of advising services and analysis, Ernie Pyle Hall 200C, (812) 855-1714; or Jean Person, academic counselor and recorder, Ernie Pyle Hall 200B, (812) 855-1698. Walk-ins are welcome and are seen around scheduled appointments.

Students with Learning Disabilities

Students with learning disabilities, hearing impairments, speech impairments, or other disabilities that may affect their ability to fulfill a requirement of the program should contact Disability Services for Students, Herman B Wells Library W302, (812) 855-7578, prior to registering. Requirements will normally not be waived for students with disabilities; however, some modifications can be made within specific courses.

Academic Bulletins

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