Scripps Howard Foundation Digital Imaging Lab

The Scripps Howard Foundation Digital Imaging Lab, informally known as the multimedia lab, is located on the first floor of the School of Journalism and is available to all journalism students. The lab includes equipment for scanning, color printing, broadcast and audio processes, and many other multimedia services. The lab staff helps students use the technology through one-on-one instruction, and students may check out a wide variety of equipment to use outside the lab and classrooms.

Multimedia Auditorium and Computer Classrooms
The School of Journalism continually is updating Ernie Pyle Hall’s classrooms and technology. Recently, the school renovated an outdated space for a new classroom and updated wiring throughout the building to enhance Internet availability. Students can now go completely wireless in Ernie Pyle Hall. Most classrooms are arranged as labs, with a computer for each student and display systems for presentations. The school also boasts a renovated auditorium with a state-of-the-art computer display system that is used for special events and larger classes. 


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