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Assistantship Positions

Application Deadline March 1

Eligibility Any graduate student who is officially admitted with a major in applied health science, kinesiology, or recreation, park, and tourism studies is eligible to apply for an assistantship.

Criteria Criteria for selection are experience, departmental needs, scholarship records, and recommendations.

Duties Students may be appointed as associate instructors, research assistants, or graduate assistants. Students are normally assigned to the department in which they are majoring. Duties may involve assisting faculty with teaching, research, or other departmental duties; teaching classes; or working in the Division of Campus Recreational Sports. Other special assignments may also be made.

Stipend The stipend for the academic-year assistantships range from $10,000 to $12,500, based on whether a student is a master's or doctoral student.  Master student assistantships are for only one year.

Fee Remission Limited or full fee remission may be awarded to any student enrolled in at least 6 credit hours per semester and working between 15 and 30 hours per week as a graduate student academic appointment. At departmental discretion, a fee remission may be awarded if a student is appointed to work for fewer than 15 hours per week. A fee remission may be awarded for a maximum of 30 credit hours per 12-month period, beginning with the start of the fall semester, with at most 12 credit hours in any semester or combined summer session. Fee remission does not cover dedicated fees, mandatory fees, and course- related fees or audit hours. An eligible appointee should be prepared to pay, at the time of registration, the unremittable portion of approximately $32 per credit hour, plus mandatory and special course-related fees. Additional information is contained in the “Academic Guide” for the Bloomington Campus, a copy of which is located in the School of HPER Dean’s Office and at the following web address:

HPER Research and Travel Grant-in­-Aid

The purpose of HPER Student Research and Travel Grant-In-Aid support is to encourage students to become actively engaged in research-related activities.  The Research Grant-in-Aid Awards provide support for inquiry for doctoral dissertations, master’s thesis, and research project work. The HPER Student Travel Grant-in-Aid provides funding for the dissemination of research results at professional conference. This is a companion to the Research Grant-in-Aid.  For more information visit

Graduate Student Federal Work-Study (GFWS) 

Graduate Federal Work-Study is a need-based award that enables eligible students to acquire work-study jobs, the wages for which are largely funded by the federal government. The Graduate Student Federal Work Study typically takes the form of an assistantship offered by the student’s academic department; graduate students may also find GFWS positions through the GradGrants Center The FAFSA must be filed by the March 1 priority date each year a student is interested in Federal Work-Study. Additional information regarding the eligibility requirements of this award can be found at

Please note, our office recommends filing the FAFSA by the March 1 priority deadline to guarantee that the option of all possible awards is available, even if the student is unsure as to whether he/she will need financial aid. If financial aid is not required after filing the FAFSA, then students may request to cancel it with our office.

School of HPER Awards and Scholarships

A variety of awards and scholarships are available for admitted graduate students in the School of HPER. Eligibility criteria for these awards vary. Some of these considerations include demonstration of academic excellence, leadership in extracurricular activities, and financial need. Students are encouraged to discuss these award and scholarship possibilities with their academic advisors. Award amounts vary, based on funding availability. For more information, contact the Office of Advancement, (812) 855-4712, or visit

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