Graduate Academic Programs

Advising & Registration

All Graduate Students

Each student will be assigned an academic advisor. The program of each candidate must be planned cooperatively by the student and the advisor, taking into account the student's educational background and objectives. All phases of the student's program are subject to the approval of the advisor. All graduate students are required to meet with their advisor before registering for classes each term. During each of these meetings, a student and advisor identify the courses in which the student will enroll for the following term. The resulting semester schedule is written on an Academic Advisor Registration Approval Form and signed by the advisor. The student must submit the signed form to the Records Office in HPER 115 to receive clearance to register. Paper copies of the Advisor Registration Approval Form may be picked up in HPER 115, or the form may be downloaded online at (Additional registration information is available in the Enrollment and Student Academic Information Bulletin.)

Master's Degree Students

Online academic advisement reports and printed degree requirement tab sheets are two effective tools used by advisors and master's degree students to track academic progress. Academic advisement reports (AARs) are available to admitted Indiana University master's degree students at AARs allow Indiana University students to view their completed and enrolled course credits in a context that shows completed academic program requirements, as well as those requirements that remain unfinished. In addition, requirements for each degree program are outlined on printed degree requirement tab sheets, available in HPER 115. The tab sheet for each academic program specifies such requirements as total credit hours needed for completion of the degree, courses to be taken, GPA requirements, suggested electives, and other information. These advising tools are used by master's degree students and their academic advisors to guide the selection of courses and monitor progress. Adhering to stated requirements is the student's responsibility. The program requirements in this bulletin are listed in the same order as found on the master's degree program tab sheets.

Doctoral Degree Students

Doctoral students will have course work individually prescribed by a the student's faculty advisory committee.  Students must meet with an academic advisor to determine the sequence in which to enroll in the prescribed courses.

Academic Bulletins