The Six Guiding Principles of the IU School of Education

Our collective commitment to the development of exemplary teacher education programs is unwavering. Central to our deliberations about the direction of teacher education has been the adoption and enactment in all our teacher education programs of a set of six principles that define, in comprehensive ways, our conceptual framework for teacher education. The six principles are shared below. 

  • Knowledge: Be well-grounded in student development, the content areas that are central to teaching, and assessment strategies.
  • Learning Environment: Create and nurture positive physical, social, and academic learning environments.
  • Personalized Learning: Understand ability levels, interests, and learning styles. Demonstrate instruction that reflects the diversity among all learners.
  • Community: Understand and be involved in the academic learning community. Build and develop relationships within the school, corporation, and community.
  • Reflection: Reflect continuously on all aspects of the teaching experience to identify ways for improvement as an individual, as a part of the school community, and as part of the teaching profession.
  • Growth: Develop a philosophy of teaching and learning, which demonstrates continuous professional growth in values, commitments, and professional judgments.

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