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The Media School

B.A. in Media
Media Advertising Concentration

Media Advertising students will learn about the major institutions involved in advertising; the role of self- and government regulation; the way consumers turn to, avoid, process and are influenced by advertising; and the role of advertising in selling products as well as promoting ideas, including those designed for the public good. Students also will learn how to design, create, and manage effective advertising messages and campaigns—as well as assess their intended and unintended consequences. They will have the skillset to enter the advertising work world as account executives, copy writers, graphic and web designers, media planners, promotions specialists, research analysts, sales representatives and social media coordinators.


Many concentration courses have prerequisites. Be sure to take those into consideration when selecting a concentration and planning the degree.

Complete at least 15 credit hours, including at least 9 credit hours at the 300–400 level, divided as follows:

  1. Both of the following courses:
    • MSCH-A 337 Electronic Media Advertising
    • MSCH-S 348 Audience Analysis
  2. Three (3) courses selected from the following:
    • BUS-M 300 Introduction to Marketing
    • BUS-M 311 Introduction to Marketing Communications
    • FINA-S 352 Production for the Graphic Designer
    • MSCH-A 315 Advertising and Consumer Culture
    • MSCH-A 320 Principles of Creative Advertising
    • MSCH-A 347 Promotion and Marketing
    • MSCH-A 420 Advertising Concepts and Copywriting
    • MSCH-A 438 Advertising Issues and Research
    • MSCH-A 441 Advanced Advertising Strategies
    • MSCH-F 391 Media Audiences
    • MSCH-J 463 Graphic Design I
    • MSCH-J 465 Graphic Design II
    • MSCH-J 488 Agency Practicum--Agency 7
    • MSCH-M 343 Electronic Media Sales
    • MSCH-R 321 Principles of Public Relations
    • MSCH-R 429 Public Relations Campaigns
    • MSCH-S 414 Public Communication Campaigns
    • MSCH-X 472 Media Internship
    • MSCH-X 498 Research in Media
  3. Specialization restrictions: