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Jewish Studies

Overseas Study

The experience of living and studying in Israel is both broadening and culturally stimulating. Jewish Studies students are encouraged to study at The Hebrew University’s Rothberg International School in Jerusalem (a co-sponsored program with IU Overseas Study) during their junior year. Students applying to the Rothberg School should do so through IU Overseas Study. When applying, students can also apply for Jewish Studies Presidential scholarships to study in Israel. Courses at the Rothberg School at The Hebrew University are conducted in English and include classes in Judaica and in subjects of a more general nature taught by outstanding scholars. Fall and full-year students participate in a seven-week ulpan (intensive Modern Hebrew course) in the summer prior to the academic year on The Hebrew University campus. Spring semester-only students begin with a three-week ulpan. All students continue studying Modern Hebrew during the regular semester. Although prior Hebrew study is recommended, it is not required. Students may also apply and participae to specialized Rothberg School programs—Dance Jerusalem and Jerusalem Sounds. Students attending the Rothberg School can earn direct IU credit and can fulfill senior residency requirement hours. Students may also study at Ben-Gurion University, Haifa University, and Tel Aviv University and transfer credits back to IU. Students studying at these three Israeli universities may apply for Jewish Studies' Israel Scholarship. See the Jewish Studies website for the application. Students interested in either the major, certificate, Jewish Studies minor, Hebrew minor, should meet with the Jewish Studies advisor before leaving for Israel.

Information and application forms for The Hebrew University can be found on the Office of Overseas Study website.