Schools, Departments & Programs

International Studies

  • Padraic Kenney (History)
  • Nick Cullather (History)
  • Hamid Ekbia (School of Informatics and Computing, Cognitive Science)
  • Lee Feinstein
  • Stephanie Kane
  • Padraic Kenney (History)
  • William Scheuerman (Political Science)
Associate Professors
  • David Bosco
  • Purnima Bose (English, Cultural Studies)
  • Gardner Bovingdon (Central Eurasian Studies)
  • Stephanie DeBoer (The Media School)
  • Elizabeth Dunn (Geography)
  • Emma Gilligan
  • Philip Parnell
  • Ron Sela (Central Eurasian Studies, Islamic Studies)
Assistant Professors
  • Keera Allendorf (Sociology)
  • Hussein Banai
  • Sarah Bauerle Danzman
  • Margaret Graves (Art History)
  • Nur Amali Ibrahim (Religious Studies)
  • Yan Long
  • Stephen Macekura
  • Jessica O'Reilly
  • Clemence Pinaud
  • Jessica Steinberg
Professors of Practice
  • Feisal Istrabadi (Center for the Study of the Middle East, Maurer School of Law)
  • Mark Minton (East Asian Languages and Cultures)
Senior Lecturer
  • Hilary Kahn (Center for the Study of Global Change)
  • Nicole Kousaleos
  • Peter Nemes
Director of Graduate Studies
  • Emma Gilligan
Director of Undergraduate Studies
  • Stephanie Kane
Academic Advising
  • Emily Williams, (GISB) GA 1041, (812) 856-1816. Students should refer to the List of Advisors for updates.