Schools, Departments & Programs

European Studies, Institute for

  • Timothy Hellwig (Political Science)
Distinguished Professor
  • David Audretsch (School of Public and Environmental Affairs)
Provost Professor
  • Stephen Watt (English)
Ameritech Endowed Chair
  • David B. Audretsch (School of Public and Environmental Affairs)
Roscoe C. O'Byrne Chair and Director of the Institute for Advanced Study
  • Alfred Aman (Maurer School of Law)
John E. Schiller Chair in Legal Ethics
  • Hannah Buxbaum
James Louis Calamaras Professor of Law
  • David P. Fidler (Maurer School of Law)
Irving M. Glazer Chair in Jewish Studies
  • Alvin H. Rosenfeld (English, Jewish Studies)
  • Marco Arnaudo (French and Italian)
  • Domenico Bertoloni Meli (History and Philosophy of Science and Medicine)
  • Claudia Breger (Germanic Studies)
  • Fritz Breithaupt (Germanic Studies)
  • Linda Charnes (English)
  • Andrea Ciccarelli (French and Italian)
  • J. Clancy Clements (Linguistics, Spanish and Portuguese)
  • Aurelian Craiutu (Political Science)
  • Michelle Facos (Art History)
  • Jane Fulcher (Jacobs School of Music)
  • Kari Gade (Germanic Studies)
  • Kimberly Geeslin (Spanish and Portuguese)
  • Gerhard Glomm (Economics)
  • Kirstin Grønbjerg (School of Public and Environmental Affairs)
  • David Hakken (School of Informatics and Computing)
  • Timothy Hellwig (Political Science)
  • David Hertz (American Studies, Comparative Literature)
  • Carl Ipsen (History)
  • Eileen Julien (Comparative Literature, French and Italian)
  • Dov-Ber Kerler (Germanic Studies)
  • Daniel C. Knudsen (Geography)
  • Herbert Marks (Comparative Literature, Institute for Biblical and Literary Studies)
  • Eric MacPhail (French and Italian)
  • Rosemarie McGerr (Comparative Literature, Medieval Studies)
  • Richard Nash (English)
  • William Rasch (Germanic Studies)
  • Toivo U. Raun (Central Eurasian Studies)
  • William Scheuerman (Political Science)
  • Robert Schneider (History)
  • Rebecca Spang (History)
  • Rex Sprouse (Second Language Studies)
  • H. Wayne Storey (French and Italian, Medieval Studies)
  • Lois R. Wise (School of Public and Environmental Affairs)
Associate Professors
  • Julie Auger (French and Italian)
  • Melissa Dinverno (Spanish and Portuguese)
  • Lynn Duggan (Labor Studies)
  • César Félix-Brasdefer (Spanish and Portuguese)
  • Shannon Gayk (English)
  • Margaret Gray (French and Italian)
  • Rae Greiner (English)
  • Edgar Illas (Spanish and Portuguese)
  • Joan Pong Linton (English)
  • Luise McCarty (School of Education)
  • Patricia McManus (Sociology)
  • Massimo Ossi (Jacobs School of Music)
  • Oana Panaïté
  • Benjamin Robinson (Germanic Studies)
  • Julia Roos (History)
  • Bret Rothstein (Art History)
  • Kevin Rottet (French and Italian)
  • Massimo Scalabrini (French and Italian)
  • Abdulkader Sinno (Political Science)
  • Margaret Sutton (School of Education)
  • Johannes Türk (Germanic Studies)
  • Estela Vieira (Spanish and Portuguese)
  • Reyes Vila-Belda (Spanish and Portuguese)
  • Steven Wagschal (Spanish and Portuguese)
Clinical Associate Professor
  • Susanne Even (Germanic Studies)
Senior Lecturers
  • Troy Byler (Germanic Studies)
  • Esther Ham (Germanic Studies)
  • Cigdem Balim Harding (Center for the Study of the Middle East)
  • Franklin Hess (Institute for European Studies)
  • Gergana May (Germanic Studies)
Academic Advising
  • jeashcra [at] indiana [dot] edu (Jennifer Ashcraft), (GISB East) GA 1043, (812) 855-4538. Students should refer to the List of Advisors for updates.