Degree Requirements

Second Bachelor's Degree

In certain cases the Dean may admit Bachelor’s degree holders to candidacy for a second Bachelor’s degree. When such admission is granted, the candidates must earn at least 26 additional College credit hours in residence and meet the requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences and of the department in which they are candidates. Students seeking second degree candidacy must observe the appropriate deadlines for applications (contact the College Recorder's Office, 855-1821 for information) and, if eligible, should schedule an appointment with the advisor in the Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs, (812) 855-1647, Kirkwood Hall 012. Some students will be required to submit an appropriate Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) score as part of the admission process. This requirement applies to international students who are from countries where English is not the language of instruction, who have not otherwise been admitted to the university in undergraduate status, and who are applying to the university for admission directly into a second undergraduate degree program in the College. Students with a Bachelor’s degree who wish to further their education should consider becoming qualified for admission to a graduate program.

Students may also be admitted to candidacy for a concurrent second degree. In the case of simultaneous conferral of the first and second undergraduate degrees, 26 additional residency hours for the second degree are not required. Students currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in the College of Arts and Sciences should consult their academic advisor regarding the approval process.